BBC - Juke Box Jury - 1961

BBC Juke Box Jury 1961 Programmes. Room for Rop Comments.

  • 75

    Saturday 7 January 1961

    Panel: Lisa Gastoni, Jimmy Henney, Pete Murray, Shirley Anne Field

    Daily Mirror, 090161
    25 year old Italian actress Lisa Gastoni fumed yesterday because women viewers complained that her low-cut gown made her look naked during JBJ. Shocked women viewers phoned the BBC after the show on Saturday night. They said when the shoulder strap of Lisa’s gown slipped down, she looked naked in head and shoulder close-ups. At the end of the show, David Jacobs jokingly asked the blonde actress to stand up and show viewers that she was wearing a dress. “These women viewers make me so mad,” said Lisa, “I’ll put on the dress for you, ducky, and you can judge for yourself.”

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    Saturday 14 January 1961

    Panel: Dick Bentley, Catherine Boyle, Steve Race,. Patricia Roc

    Sheila Greenwood (15), Enfield
    “The programme is often spoilt by a rather old-fashioned square jury who vote songs misses which are bound to be hits. Nothing pleases me more than when David Jacobs offers his opinion at these times and says that they will definitely be hits.”

    Steve Race, letter 160161 to Stewart Morris
    It was something of an ordeal for a first time panellist but I hope the result was the kind of thing you wanted.

    Letter 180661:
    “How good it was to see Steve Race injecting some good sense and judgment into JBJ.”
    “The press I got after last year’s appearance made me think I’d done a good job.”Record Retailer.
    “Steve Race and Dick Bentley analysed the tunes and the performances but Patricia Roc smiled and waffled.
    Anne Scott-James, Observer

  • 77

    Saturday 21 January 1961

    Panel: Petula Clark, Peggy Mount, Dickie Valentine, Jack Hawkins

    Dickie Valentine’s only appearance as a panel member.
    210260 – Letter to JBJ from his agent.
    “Dickie Valentine has expressed a desire to act as a panellist on Juke Box Jury. Is there any possibility of him appearing on March 12, 19 or 26?”
    Letter has No written on it.

  • 78

    Saturday 28 January 1961

    Panel: Gloria De Haven, Pete Murray, Frankie Vaughan, June Thorburn

    De Haven billed as appearing with David Nixon in Startime on Sunday

    Hit Parade, Feb 1961
    C.R.Allenby, Leeds
    “Tuned in late to a recent JBJ just after one of the discs had been announced and felt sure I was listening to another recording by the Shadows. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Rhet Stoller’s Chariot. What a pity this talented group had to cash in on someone else’s sound to reach the charts. Oh for a bit of originality in instrumentals!”

    040261 Shirelles, Will You Love Me Tomorrow
    “After a four way slating by the experts on Juke Box Jury, it is only fair to point out that this is No. 1 in America. Not my personal choice, but it does have teenage appeal” (Jo Day, World’s Fair) Amazing when it is such a brilliant record.

  • 79

    Saturday 4 February 1961

    Panel: Monty Babson, Keith Fordyce, Marion Ryan, Anne Heywood

    Keith Fordyce was a Cambridge MA

  • 80

    Saturday 11 February 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Sidney James, David Kossoff, Mary Peach

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    Saturday 18 February 1961

    Panel: Anthea Askey, Arthur Askey, Carole Carr, Michael Bentine

    Records played:
    Samantha – Kenny Ball and his Jazzman (Pye) HIT (3-1)
    Ja-Da – Johnny and The Hurricanes (London American) HIT

    Kenny Ball: “The JBJ panel voted it a hit and only Arthur Askey gave it the thumbs down. He said, ‘I’m not a jazz fan.’”

  • 82

    Saturday 25 February 1961

    Panel: Glen Mason, Lita Roza, Susannah York, Russ Conway

    Glen Mason making his first appearance: “The trend today might be said to be the noise.” (Radio Times) He watched football every Saturday and got home in time for Juke Box Jury. On Sunday he played with the Showbiz XI.

  • 83

    Saturday 4 March 1961

    Panel: Shirley Abicair, David Gell, Frankie Howerd, Alma Cogan

    Abicair at the Albert Hall on Sunday was making her first JBJ appearance. She said, of hit songs: “It seems that repetition is the thing. Repetition, plenty of noise and some sort of gimmick like leaving out words or notes.”

    Radio Times, 090361
    T. Hillyer, Trowbridge
    “The Juke Box Jury panel was 100% in favour of 76 Trombones becoming a hit. The morning after the panel of Easy Beat voted 75% against the tune becoming a hit, so any bets?” (The Easy Beat feature was called Going Up”)

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    Saturday 11 March 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Eric Skyes, Jimmy Young, Anne Shelton

    Excellent contribution by Jimmy Young to recent ‘Juke Box Jury’ must earn return visit.
    Alley Cat, 24 March 1961

  • 85

    Saturday 18 March 1961

    Panel: Alan Freeman, Glynis Johns, Lita Roza, Kenneth Connor

  • 86

    Saturday 25 March 1961

    Panel: Lana Morris, Ray Orchard, Wolf Mankowitz, Betty Hutton


    Radito Times, 300361
    M A Lyon, Cheshunt
    “To raise money for school funds, we held a Juke Box Jury of our own. The members of the panel were teachers and so was the chairman. Halfway through the scenery collapsed and everyone killed themselves with laughter. One of the teachers used to teach Cliff Richard and when this was announced all the girls screamed. Altogether we made more than £8 as the entrance fee was sixpence a head.”

    Radio Times, 060461
    Anne Morehouse, Joan Blackburn and Margaret Danes, Bromyard
    “We are now watching Juke Box Jury and are disgusted to see once more that not one of the jury is under 25. This is the case nearly every week. We like the programme but we want a younger panel – there are many young celebrities who could appear. Being teenagers ourselves – the section of the public that buys these records – we would like to see our generation represented.” (Probably watching 250361)

  • 87

    Saturday 1 April 1961

    Panel: Jean Bayless, Brian Matthew, Eric Sykes, Beatrice Lillie

    Radio Times says this is the 86th edition.
    Audience is said to be 15 million!
    Stewart Morris: “The big names of show business are seldom averse to jury service.”
    Panel of three teenagers is called “the ultimate authority”.

    Biggest disappointment of the week: Beatrice Lillie on ‘Juke Box Jury’.
    Alley Cat, 7 April 1961

    Daily Mirror, 070461
    Producer Russell Turner, 33, provides his last programme for the BBC tonight with Robert Harbin’s Mystery And Magic. After six years with the Corporation, Turner is going into freelance TV, film and stage production work. “I’ve done all I can at the BBC,” he said, “We mutually agreed to part.”

    First Thank Your Lucky Stars, 1 April 1961, ABC-TV
    Shameless rip-off of JBJ with Spin-A-Disc, marks out of five.
    Janice Nicholls, emphasising show’s Birmingham link.
    Brian Matthew host.

    080461 World’s Fair Little Boy Sad “real swinger with lots of appeal. If you are still in doubt, well, that certain TV programme voted it a Miss.”

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    Saturday 8 April 1961

    Panel: Janet Munro, Ray Orchard, Cliff Richard, Dora Bryan

    Cliff Richard was going straight to Royal Albert Hall for the BBC Beat Show

  • 89

    Saturday 15 April 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Zena Marshall, Harry Robinson +1

    Voted a miss by last Saturday’s ‘Juke Box Jury’ – Duane Eddy’s ‘Theme From Dixie’ – with teenager from audience, Graham Hughes, on panel too!
    Alley Cat, 21 April 1961

  • 90

    Saturday 22 April 1961

    Panel: Frances Bennett, Jill Browne, Ian Carmichael, Jack Jackson,

    In sharp contrast to predecessor, Bill Cotton Jr’s presentation credit on last Saturday’s ‘Juke Box Jury’ couldn’t have been smaller.
    Alley Cat, 28 April 1961

    Radio Times, 270461
    Susan Webb, Wratting, Cambs:
    May I offer my suggestion as to the composition of a perfect Juke Box Jury panel?
    (1) A teenager, preferably an unknown one,
    (2) A pop disc-jockey of any age
    (3) A comedian as, for example, Eric Sykes
    (4) An older person with mature musical tastes, but broadminded enough to accept popular music)
    With these four, a judgement could be made to please everyone. I myself would like a teenager because I am one myself, and a person with better musical taste because I like classical music as well.”

    Bill Cotton Jr in NME 1962 Annual: “David Jacobs never falls short. He’s always there doing the right thing at the right time. He’s always completely unruffled – I’ve never known him to be thrown out of his stride.”

  • 91

    Saturday 29 April 1961

    Panel: Arthur Askey, David Gell, June Murdoch, June Goodkind

    Askey paid 30g

  • 92

    Saturday 6 May 1961

    Panel: Tony Bennett, June Thorburn, Eric Winstone +1


  • 93

    Saturday 13 May 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Stubby Kaye, Bunny Lewis +1

    Stubby paid 30g for 6.5.61 so show must have been recorded

    ‘Juke Box Jury’ panel slammed Roy Orbison’s ‘Running Scared’.
    19 May 1961
    A classic example of a record which grows on you.

  • 94

    Saturday 20 May 1961

    Panel: Michael Bentine, Jean Metcalfe, Freddie Mills +1

    Return of Bill Cotton Jr

  • 95

    Saturday 27 May 1961

    Panel: Alan Freeman, Jack Payne, Richard Todd +1


  • 96

    Saturday 3 June 1961

    Panel: Russ Conway, Jack Jackson, Kim Tracy +1

    Radio Times: “Jack Jackson’s brand of irreverent humour needed when things are getting too serious.”

    Times, 070661
    Jacqueline Gander, aged 15, of Eastbourne admitted stealing £80 which had been sent to the British Youth for Christ movement. She had appeared on JBJ last Saturday and she was told she must pay the fine of £15 when she receives the 30 guineas for appearing on the programme. She worked for a hairdresser under the office of the Movement and had collected mail for both of them. She said, “One I had started, I found it easy to continue.”
    Daily Mirror 070461
    “Her father thought his daughter had done ‘a disgraceful and terrible thing’.”

  • 97

    Saturday 10 June 1961

    Panel: Sonya Cordeau, Robert Morley, Cliff Richard, Anthea Askey (All making The Young Ones)

    Records played:
    Temptation – Everly Brothers (Warner)
    Bee-Bom – Anthony Newley (Decca)
    The Miracle Of You –Danny Williams (HMV)
    The Man Who Invented Beer – Steve Benbow (Parlophone)
    Breakin’ In A Brand New Broken Heart – Connie Francis (MGM)
    Pancho – Max Harris (Fontana)
    Life’s A Holiday – Frank Ifield (Columbia)
    Stand By Me – Ben E King (London)

    Radio Times profile praises David Jacobs for his “adroit chairmanship”
    Jacobs’ background includes being a stable lad, ice skater, junior announcer
    He is chairman of the Spastics Charity and TV Personality of the Year
    He says, “Never be afraid to admit a mistake. It shows you’re human.”

  • 98

    Saturday 17 June 1961

    Panel: Alma Cogan, Lonnie Donegan, Mandy Miller, Nelson Riddle

    Pat Doncaster, Daily Mirror, 220661
    If you looked in on JBJ at the weekend, you will have heard Bob Wallis’ new record, I’m Shy, Mary Ellen, I’m Shy. Lonnie liked the record and hoped it would be a hit “because Bob Wallis owes me £8.10s.”
    In 1955 Bob had bought a camera from Lonnie for £10 but only had £1.12.9 on him at the time. Lonnie signed a picture of himself with the caption, You owe me £8.7.3d. Bob said, “I had forgotten all about it until he mentioned it on JBJ. It’s about time I coughed up.”
    Bob gave Pat Doncaster a cheque for the correct amount.

    Voted a hit by Juke Box Jury’s most distinguished panel (Nelson Riddle, Alma Cogan, Lonnie Donegan and Mandy Miller), Tommy Cooper’s ‘Don’t Jump Off The Roof, Dad’.
    Alley Cat, 23 June 1961

    Points From The Post, Radio Times.180561
    “Why do Juke Box Jury panellists nearly always refer to ‘the lyrics’ as if each number had several?” (Bernard Campion, Manaton, Devon)

  • 99

    Saturday 24 June 1961

    Panel: Shirley Bassey, Jimmy Henney, Jack Jackson, George Hamilton IV

    Records played:
    Near You – Robb Storme (Decca)
    Get With It – Sandy Nelson (London)
    Nature Boy – Bobby Darin (London)
    Romeo – Petula Clark (Pye)
    Baby Sittin’ – Bobby Angelo & the Tuxedos (HMV)
    Three Swinging Chicks – Don Fox (Oriole)
    You Got What I Like – Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers (Parlophone)

    Many female hearts fluttered at George Hamilton (‘Juke Box Jury’, Saturday)
    Alley Cat, 30 June 1961

  • 100

    Saturday 1 July 1961

    Panel: Stubby Kaye, Brian Matthew, Sally Smith, Pat Kirkwood

    Producer: Bill Cotton Jr (then called Presentation)

    Records played:
    That’s My Home – Acker Bilk (Columbia)
    You Don’t Know – Helen Shapiro (Columbia)
    Dance On Little Girl – Paul Anka (Columbia)
    One Little Robin – Elaine & Derek (Parlophone)
    Please Stay – Drifters (London)
    Birmingham Rag – Valerie Masters (Fontana)
    Cupid – Sam Cooke (RCA)

    Helen Shapiro; “Stubby Kaye had a go at me when I was the victim behind the screen. As soon as he heard my deep voice, he said, ‘Oh, Henry Shapiro’. It helps to have a broad back in show business.”

    On ‘Juke Box Jury’, Brian Matthew’s intended humorous impression of Dick Katz in bad taste.
    Alley Cat, 7 July 1961

  • 101

    Saturday 8 July 1961

    Panel: Jack Jackson, Sam Costa, Helen Winston, Diane Aubrey

    Helen Winston’s photo in RT

    Records played:
    With You In Mind – Alma Cogan (Columbia)
    Old Smokie – Johnny & the Hurricanes (London)
    I’m Comin’ On Back To You – Jackie Wilson (Coral)
    You Always Hurt The One You Love – Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry (Pye)
    Book Of Love – Doug Sheldon (Decca)
    Hide And Seek – Marty Wilde (Philips)
    It’s All Happening –Mike Preston (Decca)

    ‘Juke Box Jury’ raved about Alma Cogan’s latest disc and liked Marty Wilde’s new one too. Only EMI disc-jockey Sam Costa didn’t like EMI singer Tommy Bruce’s latest disc.
    Alley Cat, 14 July 1961

    Record Retailer says that panel was divided about Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry but they defy opinions to vote it a hit.


  • 102

    Saturday 15 July 1961

    Panel: Paul Hollingdale, Lana Morris, Jimmy Young +1

    Records played:
    Tossin’ And Turnin’
    – Bobby Lewis (Parlophone)
    Adios My Love – Vera Lynn (MGM)
    The Writing On The Wall – Tommy Steele (Decca)
    Charlie Wasn’t There – Barbara Evans (Mercury)
    After You’ve Gone – Emile Ford (Piccadilly)
    Lucy’s Theme from Parrish – George Greeley (Warners)
    Don’t You Know It – Adam Faith (Parlophone)
    Our Little Doggie Ran Away – Rosemary Squires (HMV)
    Take A Fool’s Advice – Nat ‘King’ Cole (Capitol)

    PFTP 130761
    Why do so many people in the audience have such vacant expressions on their faces? It seems as if the records were just another of those background noises, as indeed some of them are. I know that many of the records voted ‘hits’ would never be bought by the majority of us teenagers. A few of the ‘misses’ become favourite pops and soon we are singing them at home and at school.
    If Pick Of The Pops were broadcast at an earlier time, how many more teenagers would be allowed to listen to it. May I congratulate David Jacobs on his excellent compering of these two programmes.
    Anne McNab, 13¾, Glasgow

  • 103

    Saturday 22 July 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Eydie Gormé, Bunny Lewis, Steve Lawrence

    Quarter To Three – US Bonds (Top Rank)
    Reach For The Stars – Shirley Bassey (Columbia)
    Bonnie Banks – Davy Jones (Pye) HIT
    I See You – Jess Conrad (Decca)
    Something In The Air – Shani Wallis (Philips)
    Girls – Johnny Burnette (London)
    Teenage Concerto – Zack Lawrence (Parlophone)
    Frenesi – Frances Faye (HMV)
    How Many Tears – Bobby Vee (London)
    A Matter Of Who – Roy Castle (Philips)

    10 tracks!

    On ‘Juke Box Jury’, Eydie Gormé claimed her Frenesi was better than Frances Faye’s version.
    Alley Cat, 28 July 1961

  • 104

    Saturday 29 July 1961

    Panel: Benny Green, Eira Heath, Spike Milligan, Pat Moss

    Records played:
    Lone Rider – Flee-Rekkers (Piccadilly) HIT
    Johnny Remember Me – John Leyton (Top Rank) MISS

    Spike Milligan said that it was “son of ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’.”

    On Flee-Rekkers:
    Benny Green: “Sounds like the guitarist has electrocuted himself, and I wouldn’t be unhappy if the guitarist had been killed.”
    Spike Milligan: “If this was exported to Russia, it would mean war. It strikes a chord, too frequently. It’s repetitive, boring and it keeps pace with current trends so it will be a hit.”

    On Johnny Remember Me
    Spike Milligan: Is that Ghost Riders In The Sky? I was talking to Pat Moss as she’s so pretty. Can you play it again?
    Pat Moss: It sounds too much like a cowboy song.
    Benny Green: It has everything so it should be in quarantine.
    Eira Heath: The girl in the background is gorgeous.

    John Leyton: “‘Johnny Remember Me’ was voted a Miss on Juke Box Jury and I was a surprise guest. David Jacobs, to his credit, said the panel was wrong. I was very surprised when they voted it a Miss as everyone else liked it and I knew it was going to be in Top 10.”

    At the time Johnny Remember Me was released I was living with my Father in Hendon, North West London. The morning after ‘Harpers West 1’ was aired I received several congratulatory telephone calls from friends, relations and my father decided to walk down to the local record shop and buy a few copies, as he put it at the time “To help it on its way.” When he returned a little while later he said the record shop had completely sold out and it was only 11 o’clock in the morning! This was the first time that I thought that we might just have a hit on our hands.
    I called Robert Stigwood, my then manager, and he told me that everything was going crazy and the demand for Johnny Remember Me was so huge that EMI were going to re-press tens of thousands of more copies. It was at this point I thought yes, we DO have a hit on our hands but any thought of it going to No.1 were still a far cry. However this uncertainty did not last for long. The following week I had been booked to appear as ‘the mystery guest star’ on the BBC Television programme ‘Juke Box Jury’ that went out ‘live’ on Saturday 29th July.
    I quote from the letter received by Robert Stigwood requesting my presence at The Television Centre on Saturday 29th July.
    26th July 1961.
    “Dear Mr.Stigwood,
    Confirming my telephone conversation with your Secretary this afternoon, we should definitely like John Leyton to sit in ‘the hot seat’ for Juke Box Jury this Saturday 29th July.
    We should be grateful if you would arrange for him to be at The Television Centre, Shepherds Bush Green, at 6.40p.m. and we’d like him to report to the front of the Theatre, as he would be likely to run into Panellists if he came to the Stage Door.
    With many thanks.
    Margaret Hepworth
    (Secretary to Bill Cotton Jnr).”
    The Panellists that day were Spike Milligan, Benny Green, Pat Moss and Eira Hughes.
    Although the panel voted Johnny Remember Me a MISS by then it had already charted at No 15 in the Top 20 and shortly after was to spend 4 weeks in the No.1 position, spending in total 15 weeks in the UK charts.

  • 105

    Saturday 5 August 1961

    Panel: Sammy Cahn, Jack Payne, Helen Shapiro +1

    Records played:
    Nola – Judd Proctor (Parlophone)
    Too Many Beautiful Girls – Clinton Ford (Oriole) HIT 3-1
    “Even Jack Payne liked it,” Clinton told World’s Fair.
    Joy Ride – David Lisbon (Philips) HIT
    Breakaway – The Springfields (Philips)
    The Fish – Bobby Rydell (Columbia)
    Heart And Soul – Jan and Dean (London)
    Sea Of Heartbreak – Don Gibson (RCA)

    NME 110861

    JBJ says a hit for Bonnie Banks by Davy Jones (Pye)

  • 106

    Saturday 12 August 1961, 6.50-7.15pm

    (because of Test Match)

    Panel: From Tonight show, Cliff Michelmore, Derek Hart, Fyfe Robertson, Kenneth Allsop

    Producer: Bill Cotton Jr

    Records played:
    Pretty Little Angel Eyes – Curtis Lee (London)
    Scared – The Castells (London)
    I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate – Frances Faye (Vogue)
    I’ll Never Smile Again – Platters (Mercury)
    Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker (Columbia)
    I Fall To Pieces – Patsy Cline (Brunswick)
    Ain’t Gonna Wash For A Week – Brook Brothers (Pye)
    Should I – String-a-longs (London)

  • 107

    Saturday 19 August 1961

    Panel: Alan Freeman, Glen Mason, June Whitfield + 1

    Records played:
    I’m Gonna Knock On Your Door
    – Eddie Hodges (London)
    I’m Goin’ Home – Gene Vincent (Capitol)
    Someday – Kenny Ball (Pye)
    Don’t Forget – Anne Shelton (Philips)
    Tenerife – Kenny Clayton (HMV)
    Sweet Little Sixteen – Michael Cox (HMV)
    Ding Dong John – David Eve (Pye)

  • 108

    Saturday 26 August 1961

    Panel: Jane Asher, John Paddy Carstairs, Pete Murray +1

    David Jacobs, NME Annual 1963: “The best personality teenager is 16 year old Jane Asher. Jane has always something new and fresh to say – and she says it well. That’s why there will always be room on the panel for her.”

  • 109

    Saturday 2 September 1961, 6-6.25pm

    Panel: Shirley Abicair, Scilla Gabel, Ray Orchard, Eric Sykes

    Producer: Bill Cotton Jr

    Records played:
    Kon-Tiki – Shadows (Columbia)
    Together – Connie Francis (MGM)
    Get Lost – Eden Kane (Decca) MISS
    Don’t Have Any More Mrs Moore – David Kossoff (Oriole)
    Hurt – Timi Yuro (London)
    Who Put The Bomp – Viscounts (Pye)
    A Little Bit Of Soap – Jarmels (TopRank)
    Cryin’ – Roy Orbison (London)

    Well, I ask you. ‘Juke Box Jury’ voted Eden Kane’s ‘Get Lost’ a miss.
    Alley Cat, 8 September 1961

    Eden Kane: “The record got exposure and that’s what mattered. It didn’t matter whether it was voted a hit or a miss as any publicity was good publicity in those days. The girl in Lady Antebellum was on one of those TV star search programmes and didn’t get through, so what do judges know?”

  • 110

    Saturday 9 September 1961

    Panel: David Kossoff, Juliet Mills, Jimmy Savile +1

    Producer: Bill Cotton Jr

    Records played:
    Cinderella – Paul Anka (Columbia)
    Gonna Build A Mountain – Matt Monro (Parlophone)
    The Wedding – Anita Bryant (Philips)
    I Want Someone – Dick & DeeDee (London)
    The Mountain’s High – Dick & DeeDee (London)
    Gunga Din – Johnny Dankworth (Pye)
    Why Can’t You – Clarence Frogman Henry (Pye)
    You Don’t Know What You’ve Got – Ral Donner (Parlophone)

  • 111

    Saturday 16 September 1961

    Panel: Shirley Anne Field, Matt Monro, Pete Murray +1

    Producer: Bill Cotton Jr

    Spin-A-Disc: Sweet Little You (Sedaka): Granada (Sinatra): You Don’t Know (Donner)

    The BBC has banned songs from Stop The World. Reported in Daily Mirror 200961
    “Newley is getting a raw deal. Even JBJ is against him.”
    Pro-Newley, Skegness

  • 112

    Saturday 23 September 1961

    Panel: Jane Asher, Janet Munro, Cyril Ornadel +1

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Lonely For A Girl – Oliver Reed (Decca) HIT
    Mexico – Tony Osborne (HMV)
    Big Cold Wind – Pat Boone (London)
    Muskrat – Everly Brothers (Warners)
    One More Time – Sammy Davis Jr (Reprise)
    Winkle Picker Stomp – Earl Guest (Columbia)
    When Love Comes To Call – Tony Allen (Philips)
    All These Things – Kestrels (Decca)
    Sucu Sucu – Ted Heath (Decca)

    Rosemary Squires in Aladdin at Weston-super-Mare
    Askey paid 30g (file says 16.12.61)
    Oliver Reed in hot seat

    Record Retailer Top Tip, 28.09.61: Hard Hearted Hannah from the Temperance Seven (“no matter what happened to them at the weekend”)

    PFTP 121061
    “How many viewers spotted TV actor Ian Hendry obviously enjoying himself in the audience of JBJ on 23 September. He appeared to be singing Sucu Sucu and revealing perhaps another talent undiscovered. How about him making a JBJ panellist sometime?”
    Mrs Barbara Lewis, Harrow

  • 113

    Saturday 30 September 1961

    Panel: Jack Jackson, Howard Keel, Nicole Maurey +1

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Sweets For My Sweet – Drifters (London)
    My Boomerang Won’t Come Back – Charlie Drake (Parlophone)
    You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby – Bobby Darin (London)
    Mexicali Rose – Karl Denver Trio (Decca)
    The Hunch – The Jags (Decca)
    Marriage Go Round – Tony Bennett (Philips)
    What A Mess – Allisons (Fontana)
    Wild Wind – John Leyton (Top Rank)
    A Sweet Love – Crickets (Coral)

  • 114

    Saturday 7 October 1961

    Panel: Anne Aubrey, Carole Carr, Alan Dell +1

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles (HMV)
    Don Quijote – Nick Villard (Pye)
    Sad Movies – Sue Thompson (Polydor)
    Brigitte Bardot – Achilles (Fontana)
    When The Girl In Your Arms – Cliff Richard (Columbia)
    Let’s Get Together – Hayley Mills (Decca)
    Hey Look Me Over – Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
    I Understand – G-Clefs (London)
    When My Sugar Walks Down The Street – Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
    Bluebird – Elaine and Derek (Parlophone)

    Spin-A-Disc: Hit The Road Jack (Ray Charles, This Time (Troy Shondell), Come September (Santo & Johnny) (Pye), I’m A Moody Guy (Fenton), Walkin’ Back To Happiness (Shapiro)

  • 115

    Saturday 14 October 1961

    Panel: Lew Luton, Pete Murray, Muriel Young, Mandy Miller

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Runaround Sue – Dion (Top Rank)
    Big Bad John – Jimmy Dean (Philips)
    Movin’ – Bill Black’s Combo (London)
    It Takes Love – Jane Morgan (London)
    Shadrack – Glen Mason (Parlophone)
    Lovable – Conny (Columbia)
    Take Five – Dave Brubeck Quartet (Fontana)

    Spin-A-Disc: One Track Mind (Bobby Lewis), The Way You Look Tonight (Lettermen), Everlovin’ (Rick Nelson)
    Allisons given gold disc on TYLS. First British group to win one.

  • 116

    Saturday 21 October 1961

    Panel: Adam Faith, Alan Freeman, Helen Shapiro, Jane Asher

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    His Latest Flame – Elvis Presley (RCA)
    Heartaches – Marcels (Pye)
    Fool No 1 – Brenda Lee (Brunswick)
    Sewers Of The Strand – Spike Milligan (Parlophone)
    Bambino – Springfields (Philips)
    Tomorrow’s Clown – Marty Wilde (Philips)
    My Friend The Sea – Petula Clark (Pye)
    Bridge Of Love – Joe Dowell ()
    Time Has Come – Adam Faith (Parlophone)
    Do It Yourself – Josh MacRae (Pye)

    Spin-A-Disc: Take Good Care Of My Baby, Fool No.1, His Latest Flame

    From 1961 there was the innovation of the Hot Seat, where one of the artists whose records had been reviewed would be interviewed, one the first of these being Spike Milligan.  His record was Sideways Through the Sewers of the Strand, though it is hard to imagine that the discussion stayed on the subject in hand for long, given Milligan’s propensity for anarchy.  Both Helen and Jane were 15.

    “If my home is anything to judge by, everything stops for Juke Box Jury and every schoolboy can name 20 pop singers, even if he remains lamentably ignorant of the name of the Prime Minister, or the advantages and disadvantages of joining the Common Market.”
    The Times, “From a correspondent”

    Helen Shapiro: “You had no idea what they were going to play and you heard the tracks for the first time live on air. I loved doing that. It was great fun. It was not like now when everybody slags off everybody else. We were much nicer in those days and if you didn’t care for something you said it in a nice way, but I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.”

    Mike McCartney: “We watched Juke Box Jury religiously, especially when Jane Asher was. She was young, beautiful, had a well-cultured, Dad-admired accent and when she smiled, the set lit up. Paul and I both fancied her.”

    Jane’s agent, Neil Landor: “She is vivacious, articulate, and really enjoys pop music and has very definite views on what she likes and dislikes plus the ability to express them intelligently.”

  • 117

    Saturday 28 October 1961

    Panel: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Bunny Lewis, June Marlow, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    You’re Only Young Once
    –Fabian (HMV)
    It Was A Lover And His Lass – Cleo Laine (Columbia)
    Bristol Stomp – Dovells (Columbia)
    Let True Love Begin – Nat ‘King’ Cole (Capitol)
    Midnight In Moscow – Kenny Ball (Pye)
    Tall Dark Stranger – Rose Brennan (Philips)
    Take Good Care Of My Baby – Bobby Vee (London)
    I Never Had A Chance – Ricky Valance (Columbia)

    Zsa Zsa Gabor billed as “special guest” – quite a change from Sam Costa
    Spin-A-Disc: Under The Moon Of Love, Let True Love Begin, True True Love (Frankie Avalon) – with Peter West

    Zsa Zsa Gabor insisted that all the men on the show should wear a dinner jacket, and David Jacobs said, off the top of his head, that dinner jackets were never worn before 6.45 at Buckingham Palace.

  • 118

    Saturday 4 November 1961

    Panel: Sam Costa, Jackie Lane, Julia Lockwood, Ivory Joe Hunter

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    Under The Moon Of Love – Curtis Lee (London)
    No Greater Love – Craig Douglas (Top Rank)
    Sweet Talk – Van Doren (HMV)
    Tower Of Strength – Paul Raven (Parlophone)
    Just Because – McGuire Sisters (Coral)
    Well I Ask Yew – Fred Walking-Stick (Pye)
    The Morning After – Mar-Keys (London)
    Rosalie – Alex Welsh (Columbia)
    Huey’s Song – Rocky Cole (Oriole)

    Spin-A-Disc with Alan Freeman: The Fly, Coffee Song, Tower Of Strength (Gene McDaniels)

  • 119

    Saturday 11 November 1961

    Panel: Adam Faith, John Leyton, Rita Tushingham, Leila Williams

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    Come Along Please – Bob Wallis (Pye)
    Crazy – Patsy Cline (Brunswick)
    The Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
    The Door To Paradise – Bobby Rydell (Columbia)
    The Savage – Shadows (Columbia)
    Summer Day – Kari Lynn (Oriole)
    Jubilee – Ken Jones (Parlophone)
    Just A Twinkle – David Macbeth (Decca)
    Do You Still Love Me – Pierce Rogers (Parlophone)

    Spin-A-Disc: Big John, The Door To Paradise (Bobby Rydell), For Me And My Gal (Freddie Cannon)

    Daily Express 250462
    Michael Wale’s profile of Rita Tushingham: “Immediately after pleasing the intellectuals in A Taste Of Honey, she stunned them by appearing crop-haired on JBJ which has more sheer inanity per minute than anything I’ve ever heard.”

  • 120

    Saturday 18 November 1961

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Petula Clark, Bunny Lewis +1

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:

    For Me And My Gal – Freddie Cannon (Top Rank)
    Give Us A Kiss For Christmas – Lionel Bart (Decca)
    I’ll Get By – Shirley Bassey (Columbia)
    Toy Balloons – Russ Conway (Columbia)
    My Heart Belongs To Only You – Jackie Wilson (Coral)
    Revival – Chris Barber (Columbia)
    Christmas Calypso – Tricia Marks (Parlophone)
    Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie – Eddie Cochran (London)
    Tonight – Ferrante & Teicher (HMV)

    Spin-A-Disc: Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie (Cochran), Just Out Of Reach (Burke), What A Party (Domino)

  • 121

    Saturday 25 November 1961

    Panel: Morey Amsterdam, Carole Carr, Jack Jackson, Mandy Miller

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    So Long Baby – Del Shannon (London)
    Tennessee Flat Top Box – Johnny Cash (Philips) Badly received
    Image, Part 1 – Hank Levine (HMV)
    Rockabye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody – Aretha Franklin (Fontana)
    The Charleston – Temperance Seven (Parlophone)
    The Baby Boy – Harry Belafonte (RCA)
    Watch Your Step – John Barry (Columbia)
    Johnny Will – Pat Boone (London)

    Spin-A-Disc with Denny Piercy: So Long Baby, Johnny Will, I Don’t Know Why (Linda Scott), Goodbye Cruel World

    Daily Express ad 301161
    “I can admit it now,” says David Jacobs, “After my very first morning on Housewives Choice, I wrote over 30 fan letters – all addressed to myself – just in case no one else did.”


  • 122

    Saturday 2 December 1961

    Panel: Jill Browne, Harry Fowler, Pete Murray, June Thorburn

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    You’ve Got To See Mamma – Kari Lynn (Oriole)
    String Of Camels – Johnny Dankworth (Columbia)
    Tonight – Ted Heath (Decca)
    I’d Never Find Another You – Billy Fury (Decca)
    Baby’s First Christmas – Connie Francis (MGM)
    Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen – Neil Sedaka (RCA)
    Love Can Be – Lena Martell (HMV)
    Happy Times – Tony Orlando (Fontana)

    Spin-A-Disc with Ted King: Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen, Baby’s First Christmas, A Thousand Feet Below (Terry Tyler), Let There Be Drums

    RT 301161
    This was the first time JBJ had ventured out of the studios.
    The BBC was having an At Home week in Portsmouth.
    The audience was to include naval ratings, who were bound to be more vociferous than the usual teenage audience.
    David Jacobs is ex navy himself, a Chatham rating.
    Pete Murray has done 40 JBJs: “We are friends but what we say is sometimes slanderous to each other.”
    Jill Browne is a third DJ as she is presenting her own BBC show.
    After she was previously on JBJ (Programme 89), she was invited to make a record and it will be out soon.
    When June Thorburn wants to slim, she puts on rock’n’roll records and jives away.

    David Jacobs was exasperated with Harry Fowler on ‘Juke Box Jury’.
    Alley Cat, 8 December 1961


  • 123

    Saturday 9 December 1961

    Panel: Jane Asher, Acker Bilk, Alan Freeman, Julie Wilson

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Tokens (RCA)
    Son This Is She – John Leyton (HMV) MISS
    What A Crazy World We’re Livin’ In – Joe Brown (Pye)
    Surprisin’ – Joan Regan (Pye)
    Run To Him – Bobby Vee (London)
    Doin’ The Racoon – Laurie Johnson (Pye)
    My Kind Of Christmas – Johnny Mathis (Fontana)
    Walk On By – Leroy Van Dyke (Mercury)
    March Of The Angels – Big Ben Banjo Band (Columbia)

    Julie Wilson at the Talk Of The Town

    On Saturday, simultaneous appearances by Acker Bilk on ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ and ‘Juke Box Jury’.
    Alley Cat, 15 December 1961

    Spin-A-Disc wth Peppermint Twist, Please Don’t Go, Run To Him, Forgotten Dreams (Russ Conway)

  • 124

    Saturday 16 December 1961

    Panel: Charlie Chester, Alan Dell, Sandu Scott, Barbara Shelley

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    Peppermint Twist – Joey Dee & the Starliters (Columbia)
    Turn Around Look At Me – Glen Campbell (Top Rank)
    Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night – Doug Sheldon (Decca)
    Make Up – Tom Carney (Polydor)
    Multiplication – Bobby Darin (London)
    Please Mr Postman – Marvelettes (Fontana)
    Lonely Boy – Benny Hill (Pye)
    The Language Of Love – John D Loudermilk (RCA)
    Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer – Beryl Bryden and Monty Sunshine (Columbia)

    Spin-A-Disc: Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night (Dino), The Avenger (Duane Eddy), Multiplication

    Times editorial, 231261
    The be-laurelled ten change at a scampering pace. No number can hope for an annual sovereignty, and the survival of a song depends on a disc in the home, the café and the youth club. The nation has become a Juke Box Jury with one verdict rapidly succeeding another.

  • 125

    Saturday 23 December 1961

    Panel: Arthur Askey, Catherine Boyle, Rosemary Squires, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    Kissin’ Twist – Jack Hammer (Oriole)
    Tonight – Eddie Fisher (London)
    Three Eyed Man – Buddy Knox (London)
    Twistin’ The Mood – Joe Loss (HMV)
    Hey Little Girl – Jess Conrad (Decca)
    I’ve Gotta Stand Tall – Wynona Carr (Reprise)
    The Avenger – Duane Eddy (London)
    Find Another Fool – Glenda Collins (Decca)
    Please Don’t Go – Ral Donner (Parlophone)

    Spin-A-Disc: Lonely Christmas (Kerry Adams), Ember: Spanish Twist (Haley) London, London’s Skiffle Party

  • 126

    Monday 26 December 1961, 11.55am-12.20pm

    Panel: Jean Metcalfe, Hayley Mills, Pete Murray, Alan Rothwell

    Records played:
    Irresistible You – Bobby Darin (London)
    Treasure Island – Garry Miles (Decca)
    Mrs Mills Medley – Mrs Mills (Parlophone)
    The Fool – Johnny Burnette (London)
    The Young Ones – Cliff Richard (Columbia)
    Mama Darling – Monty Babson (Palette)
    Czardas – Nero & the Gladiators (Decca)
    I Didn’t Figure On Him To Come Back – Trevor Peacock (Decca)
    Maria – Roger Williams (London)
    Spanish Twist – Bill Haley (London) MISS


  • 127

    Saturday 30 December 1961

    Panel: Carole Carr, Anita Harris, Sid James, Bunny Lewis

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    Come Running – Marty Wilde (Philips)
    Shalom – Eddie Fisher (HMV)
    You’re Following Me – Peter Gordeno (Parlophone)
    Bachelor In Paradise – Robert Holiday (HMV)
    Lonesome No 1 – Don Gibson (RCA)
    The Comancheros – Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
    Mistakes – Kaye Sisters (Philips)
    Revenge – Brook Benton (Mercury)
    Big Ben Twist – Fats & the Chessmen (Pye)

    Spin-A-Disc: Walk On By (Van Dyke), Turn Around (Campbell), Rock A Hula Baby,

    BBC,-TV, 7.15-8pm, A Pair Of Jacks in which Jack Payne and Jack Jackson get together to discuss and demonstrate various aspects of popular music with Billy Fury, Woolf Phillips and Harry Rabinowitz. Producer: Richard Afton

    In 1961, Benny Hill did a parody, Soap Box Jury where he impersonated David Jacobs and the whole panel. Fred Curry (Pete Murray) and Lady Edgware (Lady Isobel Barnett). There is a shot of all five together. It is on Benny Hill: The Lost Years (2005).

    Programme was 19th in TV ratings, Dec 61