Saturday 2 September 1961, 6-6.25pm

Panel: Shirley Abicair, Scilla Gabel, Ray Orchard, Eric Sykes

Producer: Bill Cotton Jr

Records played:
Kon-Tiki – Shadows (Columbia)
Together – Connie Francis (MGM)
Get Lost – Eden Kane (Decca) MISS
Don’t Have Any More Mrs Moore – David Kossoff (Oriole)
Hurt – Timi Yuro (London)
Who Put The Bomp – Viscounts (Pye)
A Little Bit Of Soap – Jarmels (TopRank)
Cryin’ – Roy Orbison (London)

Well, I ask you. ‘Juke Box Jury’ voted Eden Kane’s ‘Get Lost’ a miss.
Alley Cat, 8 September 1961

Eden Kane: “The record got exposure and that’s what mattered. It didn’t matter whether it was voted a hit or a miss as any publicity was good publicity in those days. The girl in Lady Antebellum was on one of those TV star search programmes and didn’t get through, so what do judges know?”

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