BBC - Juke Box Jury - 1966

BBC Juke Box Jury 1966 Programmes. Room for Rop Comments.

  • 333

    Saturday 1 January 1966, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Max Bygraves family with Uncle Eric
    Max Bygraves, Maxine Bygraves, Anthony Bygraves, Eric Sykes

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Love Bug – Jack Jones (London)
    Girl – St Louis Union (Decca)
    Sound Of Silence – Simon and Garfunkel (CBS)
    Getting Nowhere – Friday Browne (Parlophone)
    Wait – Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
    Another Year, Another Love, Another Heartache – Julie Rogers (Mercury)
    Michelle – Overlanders (Pye)
    Creation – Rick And Sandy (Decca)
    Dream Child – Toni Eden (United Artists)
    What Do You Say About That – Phase 4 (Fab)

  • 334

    Saturday 8 January 1966, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Paul Jones, Pete Murray, Dee Dee Warwick

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 335

    Saturday 15 January 1966, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Tito Burns, Libby Morris, Veronica Strong, Colin Blunstone

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 336

    Saturday 22 January 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Peter Cook, Bryan Forbes, Dudley Moore, Nanette Newman

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 337

    Saturday 29 January 1966, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Spencer Davis, Maurice Kinn, Marion Ryan, Sara Leighton
    Teenage casting vote panellist: David Rose

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

    There Isn’t Anything – Gidian (Columbia) HIT

    Sha-la-la-la-leee – The Small Faces – Decca
    It’s All Right – The Hot Springs – Columbia
    I’ll never Quite Get Over You – Billy Fury – Decca
    You Baby – Jackie Trent – Pye
    My Garden of Love – Benny Hill – Pye
    There Isn’t Anything – Gidian – Columbia
    Waiting Hero For Someone – Neil Landon – Decca
    Teenage Failure – Chad and Jeremy – CBS
    A Walk in the Black Forest – Salona Jones – Columbia

    David Rose’s story of an appearance on Juke Box Jury

    David Rose on Juke Box Jury
    David Rose on Juke Box Jury

    We are indebted to David Rose, a teenage casting vote panellist on an episode of Juke Box Jury in January 1966. Not only has he provided us with his story of that day, but also exceedingly rare photos of his appearance, taken by his grandfather, via tripod aimed directly at the family TV set. This was about the only way of getting a memento of a TV appearance in those days, well before home video and with no chance of subsequent video or DVD releases:

    Presented by the very un-hip, slightly balding, 40-year-old David Jacobs, Juke Box Jury was panel show where four show business guests (the word “celebrity” had yet to be invented!) reviewed new record releases. David Jacobs would push a button on a juke box and a record would play whist the cameras randomly roved around the audience’s smiling faces, bored-looking panellists and various tapping feet and nodding heads – it was a pretty pedestrian show even by the standards of 60s telly. When the record was faded out after about a minute-and-a-half the four panellists would make inane comments and try to forecast whether it would be a “hit” or a “miss”. A hit was signalled with a “Ding” from a hotel porter’s bell, whilst a miss garnered a low farty noise from a hidden source under the desk. In the event of a tie the deciding vote was made by three members of the audience sitting in the front row who would each hold up a large circular disc with “Hit” on one side and “Miss” on the other.

    So on 29th January we all – about 40 of us – met at the church hall, which was right behind the church, and while we were waiting for the coaches to arrive Pat, our organiser, said that the BBC had told them that for this new series instead of the three audience members holding up Hit and Miss discs, they were trying out having a young fifth panellist to give a “teenager’s view” and make the casting vote in the event of a tie – and, would they pick a member of our party to be that extra member of the panel.

    David Rose on Juke Box Jury
    David Rose on Juke Box Jury

    A vote resulted in me being chosen to be the guinea pig. How that happened I can’t remember but I’m sure I didn’t volunteer. Maybe it was because I was dressed for the part — I was wearing a shirt from which I’d removed the collar and cuffs and dyed them black, whilst the body of the shirt I’d dyed purple. I stitched it all back together again – by hand! – and wore it with a yellow tie and my new first made-to-measure suit with twelve-inch flares and flared cuffs in a bright fawn corduroy with a bright red lining. I felt the bee’s knees! Sadly, it wasn’t colour TV in those days.

    As soon as we arrived at the BBC TV Theatre (now the Shepherd’s Bush Empire) they asked me to fill out a release form with my name and contact details – and to write my name in capital letters on another sheet, before being whisked into the makeup room to emerge a few minutes later looking like I’d arrived fresh from the Bahamas.

    In the green room I met my fellow panellists. There was Spencer Davis (of the Spencer David Group who had hit number one that week with “Keep on Running”); and Marion Ryan, a pretty  blonde singer who had no hits but was still famous – probably because she was a pretty blonde singer. (She was also the mother of twins Paul and Barry Ryan who would be famous in their own right in the 1970s.)

    Also in the green room I met Alan Freeman (one of the top djs on the BBC), Haley Mills (film star) and Marianne Faithfull – they were all there for the next episode of Juke Box Jury, which was to be recorded immediately after ours went out live.

    David Rose on Juke Box Jury
    David Rose on Juke Box Jury

    I was ushered onto the stage to cheers of approval from the club and shook David Jacob’s hand before taking my seat behind my name, which they had obviously just put together from plastic letters slotted into a black velvet stand.

    We then did a short run-through of a couple of records, chat and voting and then a man with a clip board and head set chatted to the audience about when to clap and to be “natural” and not to look into the camera if it was pointing at them – and then he counted down from ten, at 5.15 the theme music started – conveniently called “Hit and Miss”, performed by Ted Heath and his Orchestra.

    During the programme I was called on several times to give my esteemed “teenage opinion” and vote – but the record that stood out for me was “I’ll Never Quite Get Over You” sung by Billy Fury. After some chat from the panel the record had two “Hits” and two “Misses”. The celebrity panel was split. My moment had arrived…

    “So let’s see what our teenager makes of this one…” said David Jacobs, “over to you, David.”

    David Rose on Juke Box Jury
    David Rose on Juke Box Jury

    I loved Billy Fury. Before the Beatles came along I wanted to be Billy Fury; then I wanted to be John Lennon – but, strangely, never Paul McCartney, Elvis or Cliff. I used to mime in my bedroom mirror “Halfway To Paradise” and “Jealousy” and I even sported a Billy Fury quiff. So it was a no-brainer. I said I loved the song, the orchestra, the words… and it would be a huge hit.

    Meanwhile, back at home, my grandparents were watching the show. Grandpa set up his camera on a tripod and started to take photographs of the tiny TV screen. I contacted the BBC to see if the show exists in the archives but as the programme went out live, it seems no record of it exists – except my grandfather’s snaps.

    David Rose, June 2020.

  • 338

    Saturday 5 February 1966, 5.50-6.15pm


    Panel: Marianne Faithfull, Alan Freeman, Jimmy Greaves, Hayley Mills

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 339

    Saturday 12 February 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    Panel: Eddy Arnold, Lulu, Pete Murray, Barbara Windsor

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 340

    Saturday 19 February 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    Panel: Eva Bartok, Mike Douglas, Manfred Mann, Emily Young

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 341

    Saturday 26 February 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    Panel: Judy Geeson, Don Moss, Evelyn Taylor, Scott Walker

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 342

    Saturday 5 March 1966, 5.50-6.15pm


    Panel: Eric Burdon, Briony Newton, Malou Pantera, Gene Pitney

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 343

    Saturday 12 March 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    Panel: Bert Kaempfert, Brian Matthew, Patsy Ann Noble, Wendy Varnals


    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

    The Ballad of the Green Berets – S/Sgt Barry Sadler

  • 344

    Saturday 19 March 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    (Recorded 12 March)

    Panel: Jeannie Carson, Adam Faith, Shirley Anne Field, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 345

    Saturday 26 March 1966, 5.50-6.15pm

    Panel: Ray Davies, Adrienne Posta, Nina & Frederik

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

    Twinkle Toes – Roy Orbison (London) HIT (4-0)

    Nina & Frederik at The Savoy

  • 346

    Saturday 2 April 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Vikki Carr, Millicent Martin, Pete Murray, Kenneth Williams

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 347

    Saturday 9 April 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Dave Clark, Stubby Kaye, Sandie Shaw

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

  • 348

    Saturday 16 April 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Simon Dee, Val Doonican, Rosemary Nicols, Julie Rogers

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 349

    Saturday 23 April 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Barbara Hawkins (Dixie Cups), Samantha Juste, Roy Orbison, Jimmy Savile

    Casting voter: Terry Hillman

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    The Big Hurt – Del Shannon (Liberty) HIT
    I Wanna Go Home – Lonnie Donegan (Pye) HIT (Casting vote)
    Love Ya Illya – Angela & the Fans (Pye) HIT
    My Girl At The Dance – Frank D’Rone (CBS) HIT
    I Could Make You Fall In Love -Rockin’ Berries (Piccadilly) HIT
    Rhapsody In The Rain – Lou Christie (MGM) HIT
    I Do – Goldie (Fontana) HIT
    Stop Her On Sight – Edwin Starr (Polydor) HIT

  • 350

    Saturday 30 April 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Judith Chalmers, Ian Fenner, Roy Hudd, Liz Fraser

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 351

    Saturday 7 May 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Georgie Fame, Spike Milligan, Marianne Faithfull, Elaine Taylor

    Casting vote: Jill Oakes

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Hey Girl – Small Faces (Decca)
    Promises – Ken Dodd (Columbia)
    Downtown – Mrs Miller (Capitol)
    Rainy Day Women Nos 12 & 35 – Bob Dylan (CBS)
    Life And Soul Of The Party – Mally Page (Pye)
    Two Days Monday – Scaffold (Parlophone)
    Never Leave Your Baby’s Side – Tony Jackson (CBS)
    Monday Monday – Mama and Papas (RCA)

    ‘Never Leave Your Baby’s Side’ by Tony Jackson was released on 29 April 1966. He was previously with The Searchers.

  • 352

    Saturday 14 May 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Frank de Vol, Helen Shapiro, Jimmy Weatherspoon, Janice Whiteman

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 353

    Saturday 21 May 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Maureen Cleave, Pamela Donald, Jonathan King, William Mann

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 354

    Saturday 28 May 1966, 5.05-5.35pm

    Panel: Maurice Kinn, Trini Lopez, Lulu, William Mann

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 355

    Saturday 4 June 1966, 5.05-5.35pm

    Panel: Eric Burdon, Petula Clark, Geraldine Sherman, Billy Walker

    Casting voter: Stephen Dwight

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Hideaway – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch
    Nobody Needs Your Love – Gene Pitney
    Paperback Writer – Beatles (60 secs)
    Don’t Answer Me – Cilla Black
    Mame – Louis Armstrong
    You’ve Made Your Choice – The Rothchilds (Mason, Williams, Fraser) Decca
    Sunny Afternoon – Kinks
    The Second Time Around – Tony Bennett
    Living Above Your Head – Jay and the Americans

  • 356

    Saturday 11 June 1966, 5.05-5.35pm


    Panel: Anne Allen, David Jay Black, Pete Murray, Suzanna Leigh

    Casting voter: Janet Wakeling

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Please Don’t Sell My Daddy No More Wine – Cup O’Kindness (Parlophone)
    It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s Man’s World – James Brown
    The More I See You – Joy Marshall (Decca)
    Sandy – Swingin’ Blue Jeans
    Come And Get Me – Susan Maughan (60 secs)
    Come And Get Me – Lisa Shane (75 secs)
    Lana – Roy Orbison
    A Street That Rhymes At 6am – Norma Tanega
    No One Will Ever Know – Frank Ifield
    Come Running Back – Dean Martin

  • 357

    Saturday 18 June 1966, 5.05-5.35pm

    Panel: Ernestine Anderson, Richard Anthony, Sam Costa, Anne Nightingale

    Casting voter: David Skinelay

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Getaway – Georgie Fame
    Mama – Dave Berry
    I Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore – New York Public Library (Columbia)
    Excuse Me Baby – Magic Lanterns (CBS)
    Hello Lover – Jordan Christopher
    Bus Stop – Hollies
    Have I Stayed Too Long – Sonny & Cher
    This Door Swings Both Ways – Herman’s Hermits
    Keep The Freeway Open – Four Pennies

  • 358

    Saturday 25 June 1966, 5.05-5.35pm


    Panel: Susan Maughan, Betty Marsden, Denny Piercy, Gene Pitney

    Casting voter: Suzanne Varney

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Aggravation – Chris Curtis
    Come and Get Me – Jackie DeShannon
    Just Outside The Door – Frugal Sound
    To Show I Love You (Hatch) – Peter and Gordon
    I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love – Petula Clark
    Can I Trust You – Bachelors
    I’m Me – Blossom Dearie
    Willow Tree – Ivy League

    No show 2 July 1966 because of Wimbledon and Test Match

  • 359

    Saturday 9 July 1966, 5.05-5.35pm


    Panel: Blossom Dearie, Alan Freeman, Genieveve, Frederick Woods

    Casting voter: Millie London

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    I Love How You Love Me – Paul and Barry Ryan
    Let Me Love You – Oliver Bond
    Cloud 9 – Winston G
    Summer In The City – Lovin’ Spoonful

    Grandstand extended to 5.20. This edition lasted 14m 09s.

    No show 16 July 1966 because of World Cup

  • 360

    Saturday 23 July 1966, 5.30-6pm

    Panel: Katie Boyle, Paul Jones, Brian Matthew, Penny Valentine

    Casting voter: Colin Hobbs

    Producer: Travers Thorneloe

    Records played:
    The World’s Been Good To Me Tonight – Young Idea
    Tell Her I’m Not Home – Ike & Tina Turner
    In My Memory – Claude Francois
    Visions – Cliff Richard
    Hanky Panky – Tommy James
    Don’t Come Runnin’ To Me – Madeline Bell
    I Saw Her Again – Mamas & Papas
    I Want You – Bob Dylan
    Where Did We Go Wrong – Sands Of Time
    Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby – Suzie & Big Dee Irwin (Polydor)

  • 361

    Saturday 30 July 1966, 5.40- 6.05pm


    Panel: Dave Cash, Susan Hampshire, Joy Marshall, Jackie Stewart

    Casting voter: Linda Penn

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    Records played:
    Kick Off – Bert Weedon
    Headline News – Edwin Starr
    I Feel Something In The Air – Cher
    Yellow Submarine – Beatles
    Friday’s Child – Nancy Sinatra
    This and That – Tom Jones

  • 362

    Saturday 6 August 1966, 5.10-5.40pm


    Panel: Barry Alldis, Bernard Cribbins, Katy Medford, Rosemary Squires

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 363

    Saturday 13 August 1966, 5.10-5.40pm

    Panel: Anthony Booth, Simon Dee, Sheila Southern, Viviane Ventura

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    It’s Too Soon To Know – Roy Orbison

  • 364

    Saturday 20 August 1966, 5.15-5.45pm


    Panel: Fred Emney, Don Moss, Patsy Ann Noble, Meg Wynn Owen

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 365

    Saturday 27 August 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Juliet Harmer, Engelbert Humperdinck, Sarah Ward, Danny Wells

    Producer: Terry Henebery

    No show 3 September 1966, final of Gillette Cup

  • 366

    Saturday 10 September 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Judith Arthy, Chris Farlowe, Pete Murray, Jackie Trent

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 367

    Saturday 17 September 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Fanny Cradock, Mike D’Abo, Chris Denning, Marian Montgomery

    Producer: Terry Henebery

  • 368

    Saturday 24 September 1966, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Jimmy Henney, Lulu, Reg Varney, Alma Cogan

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Alma Cogan was to be on the panel but was taken into hospital.

  • 369

    Saturday 1 October 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Kenneth Horne, Lena Martell, Una Stubbs, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 370

    Saturday 8 October 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Lionel Bart, Ronnie Carroll, Lynn Redgrave, Penny Valentine

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 371

    Saturday 15 October 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Scott Hamilton, David Hughes, Julie Rogers, Truly Smith

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 372

    Saturday 22 October 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Mike Felix, Marion Ryan, Sandie Shaw, Gary Stephens
    Gary Stephens, New York DJ
    Mike Felix, ex-Magil 5

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    I aim to speed up the show so that we can feature up to 10 records. There should be about 65 seconds for comments after each disc. Some panellists go on and so the record quota has sometimes been reduced to six. Albert Stevenson, Disc, 221066

  • 373

    Saturday 29 October 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Johnny Devlin, Adam Faith, Moira Lister, Rita Tushingham
    Johnny Devlin, Aussie DJ and songwriter

    Producer: Albert Stevenson


  • 374

    Saturday 5 November 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Dave Clark, Julia Foster, Francoise Hardy, Brian Poole

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 375

    Saturday 12 November 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Carole Carr, Bobby Goldsboro, Susan Maughan, Ted Rogers

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 376

    Saturday 19 November 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Katie Boyle, Ron Goodwin, Mia Lewis, Peter Noone

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 377

    Saturday 26 November 1966, 5.15-5.40pm


    Panel: Eric Burdon, Virginia Ironside, Cleo Laine, Brian Matthew

    Casting voter: Dave Russon

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    Knight In Rusty Armour – Peter & Gordon (Columbia)
    That’s Life – Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
    Walk With Faith In Your Heart – Bachelors (Decca)
    You Keep Me Hangin’ On – Supremes (Tamla-Motown)
    There Won’t Be Many Comin’ Home – Roy Orbison (London)
    East West – Herman’s Hermits (Columbia)
    She’s Coming To Me (D & T O’Brien) – O’Brien Brothers (Major Minor)

  • 378

    Saturday 3 December 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Simon Dee, Alan Freeman, Pete Murray, Jimmy Savile

    Casting voter: Katerine Bodman

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    Never Knew Lovin’ Could Be So Doggone Good – Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers (Parlophone) HIT
    Sunshine Superman – Donovan (Pye) HIT
    In The Country – Cliff Richard (Columbia) HIT
    Colour My World – Petula Clark (Pye) HIT
    Happy Jack – The Who (Reaction) HIT
    If Every Day Was Like Christmas – Elvis Presley (RCA) HIT

    Both Cliff Bennett and Donovan were guests

  • 379

    Saturday 10 December 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    (Recorded 3 December 1966)

    Panel: The Bachelors (Con Cluskey, Dec Cluskey, John Stokes), Julie Felix

    Casting voter: Carolyn Sowell

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    Going Nowhere – Los Bravos (Decca)
    Deadlier Than The Male – Walker Bros (Philips)
    Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies –Association (Warner)
    That Special Way – Nancy Wilson (Capitol)
    Anyway That You Want Me – Troggs (Page One)
    When Will The Good Apples Fall – Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
    Nashville Cats – Lovin’ Spoonful (Kama Sutra)

  • 380

    Saturday 17 December 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Rose Brennan, Paul Jones, Mickie Most, Judith Durham

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

  • 381

    Saturday 24 December 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    (Recorded 17 December 1966)

    Panel: The Seekers (Judith Durham, Keith Potger, Bruce Woodley, Athol Guy)

    Casting voter: Linda Shiel

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    Listen To My Heart – The Bats (Decca)
    Single Girl – Sandy Posey (MGM)
    The Rising Of The Moon – Tinkers (Pye)
    Sitting In The Park – Georgie Fame (Columbia)
    From A Distance (P F Sloan) – Odin’s People (Major Minor)
    Love In The Open Air (McCartney) – Tudor Minstrels (Decca)
    Mama (When My Dollies Have Babies) – Cher (Liberty)
    The Angel And The Stranger – Eddy Arnold (RCA)

  • 382

    Saturday 31 December 1966, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Simon Dee, Alan Freeman, Pete Murray, Jimmy Savile

    Casting voter: Nick Hallett

    Producer: Albert Stevenson

    Records played:
    Hard Lovin’(Kerr, Peel) – Richard Kerr (Decca)
    The Eggplant That Ate Chicago – Dr West’s Medicine Show & Junk Band (CBS)
    Listen To the River Roll Along – Wee Willie Harris (Polydor)
    Sugar Town –Nancy Sinatra (Reprise)
    Matthew and Son – Cat Stevens (Deram)
    I’m A Believer – Monkees (RCA)
    You and Me (Tubbs) – H T (Polydor)