BBC - Juke Box Jury - 1965

BBC Juke Box Jury 1965 Programmes. Room for Rop Comments.

  • 283

    Saturday 2 January 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    (Recorded 26 December 1964)

    Panel: Val Doonican, Charlie Drake, Fenella Fielding, Twinkle

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    What In The World’s Come Over You – Rockin’ Berries (Piccadilly) HIT
    Come Tomorrow – Manfred Mann (HMV) HIT
    The Heart That You Break – Gitte (Columbia) MISS
    Goodbye Charlie – Pat Boone (Dot) MISS
    You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – Righteous Brothers (London) MISS (60 seconds)
    If You Love Him – Joanie Sommers (Warner) HIT
    Dear Heart – Ronnie Carroll (Philips) HIT
    Round And Round – Dickie Rock (Pye) HIT Written by Peter Lee Stirling
    The Promised Land – Chuck Berry (Pye International) HIT (58 seconds)

    Neville Wortman: “The panel only heard what was played on the programme. We only played a minute of a record but if a record was rather unusual, we might choose something other than the beginning. The Righteous Brothers’ You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ would be an example of that. You want to give the panel a real flavour of what the music is all about. It’s like being a good publisher – they can tell from the first few lines of an unsolicited manuscript if it is something they want.”

  • 284

    Saturday 9 January 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: David Healy, Pete Murray, Peggy Mount, Dusty Springfield

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Here She Comes – Tymes (Pye) HIT (3-1)
    The Special Years – Val Doonican (Decca) HIT (all)
    Invisible Tears – Elaine & Derek (Decca) MISS (all)
    You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – Cilla Black (Parlophone) 0.54 HIT (all)
    Everybody Knows – Dave Clark Five (Columbia) HIT (3-1)
    Across The Street – Craig Douglas (Fontana) MISS (all)
    Makin’ Whoopee – Ray Charles (HMV) MISS (3-0 second jury)
    Dance Dance Dance – Beach Boys (Capitol) HIT (3-0 second jury)
    Ain’t It The Truth – Mary Wells (Stateside) HIT (all)

    Audience Research Report
    Audience was 22%, and 9% watching ITV
    Reaction index of 51 (average 54 for series)
    “Juke Box Jury appealed very much more to viewers under 20 but at the same time reaction to this particular edition was not unduly enthusiastic.”
    Teenagers thought that there were too many records of a type that would never make the charts. (Actually, untrue in this instance!)
    The teenagers had little time for anyone not of their generation or musical persuasion.
    The most popular personality was the one member who openly admitted her ignorance of pop music – Peggy Mount. Viewers admired her honesty and found her likeable and forthright.
    Pete Murray disliked for his “stupid fooling around” and “disastrous attempts at humour”.
    Dusty was criticised for her “inarticulate mumblings” and her “quite grotesque makeup”.
    David Healy didn’t make an impression either way.
    The majority found the ‘candid camera’ shots of the audience a most attractive feature.

  • 285

    Saturday 16 January 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Maureen Cleave, Rupert Davies, Richard Wattis

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Michelle – Morgan James Duo (Philips) MISS (3-1)
    Funny How Love Can Be – Ivy League (Piccadilly) HIT (3-1)
    Long After Tonight Is All Over – Jimmy Radcliffe (Musicor) HIT (all)
    Tired Of Waiting For You – The Kinks (Pye) MISS (3-1)
    Bombay Duckling – Ted Heath & his Music (Decca) MISS (3-1)
    Come See About Me – The Supremes (Motown single played, then on Stateside) HIT (all)
    And The Heavens Cried – Vince Hill (Columbia) MISS (2-1 second jury)
    Now I’m Alone – The Gamblers (Decca) MISS (3-0 second jury)

    Artist fees £283.10 (incl 30g for each panel member, so David Jacobs is £157.10)
    Copyright is £155
    Telerecording is £60
    Total £498.10, budget allocation is £500.

  • 286

    Saturday 23 January 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Angela Douglas, Virginia Lewis, Wolf Mankowitz, Del Shannon

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    It’s Not Unusual – Tom Jones (Decca)
    Somewhere In Your Heart – Frank Sinatra (Reprise)
    See You Later Alligator – Millie (Fontana)
    It’s Gonna Last Forever – Billy J Kramer (Parlophone)
    Nancy’s Theme – Earle Hagen (Colpix)
    Game Of Love – Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders (Fontana)
    No Other Heart – Nat ‘King’ Cole (Capitol)
    Yes I Will – The Hollies (Parlophone)

  • 287

    Saturday 30 January 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    (Recorded 23 January)

    Panel: Paul Anka, Stubby Kaye, Ann Sidney, Julie Samuel

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood – The Animals (Columbia)
    You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You – Dean Martin (Reprise)
    I Cry Alone – Jackie Lee (Decca)
    Stop Feelin’ Sorry For Yourself – Adam Faith (Parlophone) 0.59
    Thanks a Lot – Brenda Lee (Brunswick)
    Stairway to a Star – Shelley (Pye) Written by Miki Dallon
    It Hurts So Much – Jim Reeves (RCA)
    He’s The One For Me – Tammy St John (Pye)
    Tell Her No – The Zombies (Decca) 1.06

    Programme was not billed in RT due to arrangements for Churchill’s funeral.

  • 288

    Saturday 6 February 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Thora Hird, Linda Lewis, Don Moss, Gene Pitney

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Your Hurtin’ Kinda Love – Dusty Springfield (Philips)
    Mary Anne – Shadows (Columbia)
    Silhouettes – Herman’s Hermits (Columbia)
    Come and Stay With Me – Marianne Faithfull (Decca) (Mystery Guest)
    Goodnight – Roy Orbison (London)
    In My Way – Dave Kaye (Decca) MISS
    The Look Of Love – Lesley Gore (Mercury)
    Half As Much – Rick & Sandy (Mercury)

  • 289

    Saturday 13 February 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    (Recorded 6 February)

    Panel: Brian Epstein, Marianne Faithfull, Adrienne Posta, Ted Ray

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Teardrops In The Rain – Joe Brown (Pye)
    Golden Lights – Twinkle (Decca) (Mystery Guest)
    My Funny Valentine – Buddy Greco (Columbia)
    Honey I Need – Pretty Things (Fontana) 0.48
    I Must Be Seeing Things – Gene Pitney (Stateside) (Mystery Guest)
    In The Meantime – Georgie Fame (Columbia)
    I’ll Stop At Nothing – Sandie Shaw (Pye) (Mystery Guest)
    The In Crowd – Dobie Gray (London)

    Ted Ray paid 30g

  • 290

    Saturday 20 February 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Chris Hutchins, Lulu, Roy Orbison, Marjorie Proops

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    You’re My Girl – Everly Brothers (Warner) MISS
    Don’t Come Runnin’ Back To Me – Nancy Wilson (Capitol) HIT
    I Apologise – P J Proby (Liberty) HIT
    Born To Be Together – The Ronettes (London) MISS
    I Know A Place – Petula Clark (Pye) HIT
    Hurt – Alan David (Decca) MISS (Mystery Guest)
    The Way Of Love – The Four Pennies (Philips) MISS
    Little Boat – Cleo Laine (Fontana) MISS
    Someone Must Have Hurt You A Lot – Frankie Vaughan (Philips) HIT

    Passing reference to watching Juke Box Jury in The Haunted City (page 204)

  • 291

    Saturday 27 February 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Jane Asher, Bill Crozier, Georgie Fame, Jean Metcalfe

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Records played:
    Reelin’ And Rockin’ – Dave Clark Five (Columbia)
    That’s Not What Angels Are For – Barbara Kay (Pye)
    Without You – Matt Monro (Parlophone)
    Goodbye My Love – The Searchers (Pye)
    Funny World – Astrud Gilberto (Verve)
    Have You Looked Into Your Heart – Peter Gordeno (Decca) (Mystery Guest)
    Softly Softly – Ruby Murray (Columbia)

  • 292

    Saturday 6 March 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Jacqueline Jones, Tom Jones, Barbara Mullen, Pete Murray

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 293

    Saturday 13 March 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Francesca Annis, Lance Percival, Keely Smith, Peter Lee Stirling

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Donovan’s Catch The Wind was voted a Miss by the second panel but the record was cut out of the broadcast as he had been featured on Ready, Steady, Go! and the BBC realised that ITV were promoting him. (Sun, 160365)

  • 294

    Saturday 20 March 1965, 5.20.-5.55pm

    Panel: Georgia Brown, Paul Jones, Edmund Purdom +1

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    According to Television’s Greatest Hits, 5.5m viewers and position 18.

  • 295

    Saturday 27 March 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Peter Carver, Roy Castle, Marlene Laird, Joan Turner

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 296

    Saturday 3 April 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Adam Faith, Sue Lloyd, David Tomlinson

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 297

    Saturday 10 April 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Hermoine Gingold, Stubby Kaye, Tom Springfield, Dionne Warwick

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    DW appearing at Savoy Hotel

  • 298

    Saturday 17 April 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Tony Bennett, Marianne Faithfull, Eartha Kitt, Ted Rogers

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    EK at The Talk Of The Town

  • 299

    Saturday 24 April 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Val Doonican, Judy Huxtable, Pete Murray, Julie Rogers

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 300

    Saturday 1 May 1965, 5.25.-5.50pm

    Panel: Chris Andrews, Dora Bryan, Dave Clark, Sarah Miles

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    No show on 8 May 1965 – 20th anniversary of VE Day – special programme with Montgomery, Eisenhower and Dimbleby.

  • 301

    Saturday 15 May 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Tsai Chin, Russ Conway, Suzy Kendall, Les Reed

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 302

    Saturday 22 May 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Mrs Mills, Pete Murray, Harvey Orkin, Sandie Shaw

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 303

    Saturday 29 May 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Bill Maynard, Don Moss, Barbara Shelley, Rita Tushingham

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    New set and a new arrangement by Ted Heath of theme music

  • 304

    Saturday 5 June 1965, 5.20.-5.45pm

    Panel: Alan Freeman, Paul Jones, Luciana Paluzzi, Ginette Spanier

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 305

    Saturday 12 June 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Gay Byrne, Noel Harrison, Lita Roza, Jackie Trent

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 306

    Saturday 19 June 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Bill Crozier, Susan Hampshire, Stubby Kaye, Una Stubbs

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 307

    Saturday 26 June 1965, 5.15.-5.40pm

    Panel: Sam Costa, Miriam Karlin, Sylvie Vartan, Bobby Vinton

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 308

    Saturday 3 July 1965, 7.20-7.45pm

    Panel: Astrud Gilberto, Magda Kanopka, Vic Lewis, Wolf Mankowitz

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 309

    Saturday 10 July 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Amanda Barrie, Chris Curtis, Dionne Warwick, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 310

    Saturday 17 July 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Ray Brooks, Angela Douglas, Stubby Kaye, Millie

    Producer: Richard Evans

  • 311

    Saturday 24 July 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Georgie Fame, Goldie, Sheila Hancock, Pete Murray

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 312

    Saturday 31 July 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Jackie Collins, Alan Freeman, Jackie Rae, June Thorburn

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 313

    Saturday 7 August 1965, 5.20-5.45pm

    Panel: Catherine Boyle, Billy Daniels, Don Moss, Helen Shapiro

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 314

    Saturday 14 August 1965, 5.20-5.45pm

    Panel: Ian Carmichael, Jacqueline Jones, Mike Hurst, Sue Thompson

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 315

    Saturday 21 August 1965, 5.20-5.45pm

    Panel: Carole Carr, Terence Edmond, Rosemary Nicols, Peter Noone

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 316

    Saturday 28 August 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Jill Browne, Allan Clarke, Lee Francis, Pete Murray

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Pete Murray still getting 30g a show.

  • 317

    Saturday 4 September 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Victor Borge, Helen Cherry, Adam Faith, Sandie Shaw

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 318

    Saturday 11 September 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Val Doonican, Barbara Ferris, Marion Montgomery, Dudley Moore

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 319

    Saturday 18 September 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

    Panel: Lucy Bartlett, Sam Costa, Rolf Harris, Nancy Wilson

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 320

    Saturday 25 September 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Petula Clark, Buddy Greco, Jonathan King, Virginia Lewis

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 321

    Saturday 2 October 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Tito Burns, Maureen Cleave, Vince Hill, Dusty Springfield

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 322

    Saturday 9 October 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Louise Cordet, Julie Felix, Lance Percival, Leslie Phillips

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 323

    Saturday 16 October 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Denny Piercy, Gene Pitney, Marion Ryan, Ginette Spanier

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 324

    Saturday 23 October 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Lulu, Henry Mancini, Chrissie Shrimpton, Billy Walker

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 325

    Saturday 30 October 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Maurice Kinn, Peter Noone, Catherine Boyle

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 326

    Saturday 6 November 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Lynda Baron, Alexandra Bastedo, Dave Clark, Pete Murray

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 327

    Saturday 13 November 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Bill Kerr, Sandie Shaw, David Wigg, Muriel Young

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 328

    Saturday 20 November 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Ian Fenner, Suzanna Leigh, Kenny Lynch, Patrice Wymore

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Suzanna Leigh had made an Elvis film and been a judge on Miss World earlier in week.

  • 329

    Saturday 27 November 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Brian Epstein, Juliette Greco, Françoise Hardy, Hugh Lloyd

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 330

    Saturday 4 December 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Simon Dee, Carolyn Hester, Stratford Johns, Ketty Lester

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 331

    Saturday 11 December 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Lesley Langley, Mickie Most, Dakota Staton, Johnny Tillotson

    Producer: Stewart Morris

  • 332

    Saturday 18 December 1965, 5.15-5.45pm

    Panel: Cilla Black, Con Cluskey, Peter Haigh, Edina Ronay

    Producer: Stewart Morris

    Cilla Black paid 30g for 11.12.65 so this programme was probably recorded.

    No show on Christmas Day