Saturday 9 January 1965, 5.15-5.40pm

Panel: David Healy, Pete Murray, Peggy Mount, Dusty Springfield

Producer: Stewart Morris

Records played:
Here She Comes – Tymes (Pye) HIT (3-1)
The Special Years – Val Doonican (Decca) HIT (all)
Invisible Tears – Elaine & Derek (Decca) MISS (all)
You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ – Cilla Black (Parlophone) 0.54 HIT (all)
Everybody Knows – Dave Clark Five (Columbia) HIT (3-1)
Across The Street – Craig Douglas (Fontana) MISS (all)
Makin’ Whoopee – Ray Charles (HMV) MISS (3-0 second jury)
Dance Dance Dance – Beach Boys (Capitol) HIT (3-0 second jury)
Ain’t It The Truth – Mary Wells (Stateside) HIT (all)

Audience Research Report
Audience was 22%, and 9% watching ITV
Reaction index of 51 (average 54 for series)
“Juke Box Jury appealed very much more to viewers under 20 but at the same time reaction to this particular edition was not unduly enthusiastic.”
Teenagers thought that there were too many records of a type that would never make the charts. (Actually, untrue in this instance!)
The teenagers had little time for anyone not of their generation or musical persuasion.
The most popular personality was the one member who openly admitted her ignorance of pop music – Peggy Mount. Viewers admired her honesty and found her likeable and forthright.
Pete Murray disliked for his “stupid fooling around” and “disastrous attempts at humour”.
Dusty was criticised for her “inarticulate mumblings” and her “quite grotesque makeup”.
David Healy didn’t make an impression either way.
The majority found the ‘candid camera’ shots of the audience a most attractive feature.

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