Saturday 14 January 1961

Panel: Dick Bentley, Catherine Boyle, Steve Race,. Patricia Roc

Sheila Greenwood (15), Enfield
“The programme is often spoilt by a rather old-fashioned square jury who vote songs misses which are bound to be hits. Nothing pleases me more than when David Jacobs offers his opinion at these times and says that they will definitely be hits.”

Steve Race, letter 160161 to Stewart Morris
It was something of an ordeal for a first time panellist but I hope the result was the kind of thing you wanted.

Letter 180661:
“How good it was to see Steve Race injecting some good sense and judgment into JBJ.”
“The press I got after last year’s appearance made me think I’d done a good job.”Record Retailer.
“Steve Race and Dick Bentley analysed the tunes and the performances but Patricia Roc smiled and waffled.
Anne Scott-James, Observer

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