Saturday 22 April 1961

Panel: Frances Bennett, Jill Browne, Ian Carmichael, Jack Jackson,

In sharp contrast to predecessor, Bill Cotton Jr’s presentation credit on last Saturday’s ‘Juke Box Jury’ couldn’t have been smaller.
Alley Cat, 28 April 1961

Radio Times, 270461
Susan Webb, Wratting, Cambs:
May I offer my suggestion as to the composition of a perfect Juke Box Jury panel?
(1) A teenager, preferably an unknown one,
(2) A pop disc-jockey of any age
(3) A comedian as, for example, Eric Sykes
(4) An older person with mature musical tastes, but broadminded enough to accept popular music)
With these four, a judgement could be made to please everyone. I myself would like a teenager because I am one myself, and a person with better musical taste because I like classical music as well.”

Bill Cotton Jr in NME 1962 Annual: “David Jacobs never falls short. He’s always there doing the right thing at the right time. He’s always completely unruffled – I’ve never known him to be thrown out of his stride.”

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