Saturday 15 July 1961

Panel: Paul Hollingdale, Lana Morris, Jimmy Young +1

Records played:
Tossin’ And Turnin’
– Bobby Lewis (Parlophone)
Adios My Love – Vera Lynn (MGM)
The Writing On The Wall – Tommy Steele (Decca)
Charlie Wasn’t There – Barbara Evans (Mercury)
After You’ve Gone – Emile Ford (Piccadilly)
Lucy’s Theme from Parrish – George Greeley (Warners)
Don’t You Know It – Adam Faith (Parlophone)
Our Little Doggie Ran Away – Rosemary Squires (HMV)
Take A Fool’s Advice – Nat ‘King’ Cole (Capitol)

PFTP 130761
Why do so many people in the audience have such vacant expressions on their faces? It seems as if the records were just another of those background noises, as indeed some of them are. I know that many of the records voted ‘hits’ would never be bought by the majority of us teenagers. A few of the ‘misses’ become favourite pops and soon we are singing them at home and at school.
If Pick Of The Pops were broadcast at an earlier time, how many more teenagers would be allowed to listen to it. May I congratulate David Jacobs on his excellent compering of these two programmes.
Anne McNab, 13¾, Glasgow

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