Saturday 25 March 1961

Panel: Lana Morris, Ray Orchard, Wolf Mankowitz, Betty Hutton


Radito Times, 300361
M A Lyon, Cheshunt
“To raise money for school funds, we held a Juke Box Jury of our own. The members of the panel were teachers and so was the chairman. Halfway through the scenery collapsed and everyone killed themselves with laughter. One of the teachers used to teach Cliff Richard and when this was announced all the girls screamed. Altogether we made more than £8 as the entrance fee was sixpence a head.”

Radio Times, 060461
Anne Morehouse, Joan Blackburn and Margaret Danes, Bromyard
“We are now watching Juke Box Jury and are disgusted to see once more that not one of the jury is under 25. This is the case nearly every week. We like the programme but we want a younger panel – there are many young celebrities who could appear. Being teenagers ourselves – the section of the public that buys these records – we would like to see our generation represented.” (Probably watching 250361)

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