Saturday 17 June 1961

Panel: Alma Cogan, Lonnie Donegan, Mandy Miller, Nelson Riddle

Pat Doncaster, Daily Mirror, 220661
If you looked in on JBJ at the weekend, you will have heard Bob Wallis’ new record, I’m Shy, Mary Ellen, I’m Shy. Lonnie liked the record and hoped it would be a hit “because Bob Wallis owes me £8.10s.”
In 1955 Bob had bought a camera from Lonnie for £10 but only had £1.12.9 on him at the time. Lonnie signed a picture of himself with the caption, You owe me £8.7.3d. Bob said, “I had forgotten all about it until he mentioned it on JBJ. It’s about time I coughed up.”
Bob gave Pat Doncaster a cheque for the correct amount.

Voted a hit by Juke Box Jury’s most distinguished panel (Nelson Riddle, Alma Cogan, Lonnie Donegan and Mandy Miller), Tommy Cooper’s ‘Don’t Jump Off The Roof, Dad’.
Alley Cat, 23 June 1961

Points From The Post, Radio Times.180561
“Why do Juke Box Jury panellists nearly always refer to ‘the lyrics’ as if each number had several?” (Bernard Campion, Manaton, Devon)

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