Saturday 28 January 1961

Panel: Gloria De Haven, Pete Murray, Frankie Vaughan, June Thorburn

De Haven billed as appearing with David Nixon in Startime on Sunday

Hit Parade, Feb 1961
C.R.Allenby, Leeds
“Tuned in late to a recent JBJ just after one of the discs had been announced and felt sure I was listening to another recording by the Shadows. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Rhet Stoller’s Chariot. What a pity this talented group had to cash in on someone else’s sound to reach the charts. Oh for a bit of originality in instrumentals!”

040261 Shirelles, Will You Love Me Tomorrow
“After a four way slating by the experts on Juke Box Jury, it is only fair to point out that this is No. 1 in America. Not my personal choice, but it does have teenage appeal” (Jo Day, World’s Fair) Amazing when it is such a brilliant record.

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