Saturday 28 January 1961

Panel: Gloria De Haven, Pete Murray, Frankie Vaughan +1

De Haven billed as appearing with David Nixon in Startime on Sunday

Hit Parade, Feb 1961
C.R.Allenby, Leeds
“Tuned in late to a recent JBJ just after one of the discs had been announced and felt sure I was listening to another recording by the Shadows. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Rhet Stoller’s Chariot. What a pity this talented group had to cash in on someone else’s sound to reach the charts. Oh for a bit of originality in instrumentals!”

040261 Shirelles, Will You Love Me Tomorrow
“After a four way slating by the experts on Juke Box Jury, it is only fair to point out that this is No. 1 in America. Not my personal choice, but it does have teenage appeal” (Jo Day, World’s Fair) Amazing when it is such a brilliant record.

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