Saturday 24 November 1962

Panel: Arther Askey, Dora Bryan, Kenneth Mars, Jean Metcalfe, Bobby Vee

Producer: Neville Wortman (Actually, Presented by…)

Records played:
Return To Sender – Elvis Presley (RCA) HIT
Island Of Dreams – Springfields (Philips) MISS
The Next Time – Cliff Richard (Columbia) HIT
Fly Me To The Moon – Joe Harnell & his Orchestra (London) MISS
All Through The Night – Lynne Adams (Ember) MISS
Baby Take A Bow – Adam Faith (Parlophone) HIT
Where Have All The Flowers Gone – George Mitchell Singers (HMV) MISS
Don’t Light The Fire ’Til After Santa’s Gone – Terry Scott (Parlophone) MISS
Happiness Tree – Norman Vaughan (Pye) MISS
If You Were A Rock’n’Roll Record – Freddy Cannon (Stateside) HIT

Scott’s record was a B-side: A-side was My Brother.

Askey paid 30g, date given is 23.11.62

DailyMirror, 271162
The BBC dropped plans to replace JBJ with a big teenage show. The intention was to have a 45 minute show on the 6.5 Special formula with a 15 minute “disc verdict”. After looking a try out with guest star Bobby Vee, and The John Barry Orchestra, Tom Sloan decided to keep JBJ as it was.

JBJ used to be from the Television Theatre but it is now produced from a studio at the Television Centre with only 100 seats. The waiting list for tickets closed in January and people have been waiting about a year for tickets.


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