Saturday 30 January 1960, 6-6.30pm

Chairman: David Jacobs

Panel: Shirley Eaton, Susan Franks, Bunny Lewis, Frank Weir

Records played:
On A Slow Boat To China – Emile Ford (Pye)
Let It Be Me – Everly Brothers (London)
Be Mine – Lance Fortune (Pye)
Oh So Wunderbar – Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
Oh So Wunderbar – Robert Earl (Philips)
Beyond The Sea – Bobby Darin (London)
Just Come Home – Hugo and Luigi (RCA)
Not One Minute More – Janet Richmond (Top Rank)

Camera script unused: Betty Betty (Dickie Pride) and Wedding Song (Manuel)

Seems difficult for Russell Turner to select suitable Juke Box Jury foursome; on Saturday Frank Weir was ineffectual, Shirley Eaton seemed busy posing, while Bunny Lewis’ remarks appeared prepared. NME’s Alley Cat, 5 February 1960

Shirley Eaton was a popular actress; Susan Franks a TV presenter; Bunny Lewis a record producer; Frank Weir a musician/musical director.

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