• Peter Kitchingham

    re Jack Scott

    Baby Baby – was the B-side of ‘What in the world’s come over you’ released in Jan 1960. I don’t understand why this would appear on JBJ 10 months later.

    There was a single released in Nov 1960 called ‘Patsy’ and I think that is more likely to have been the song played.

  • Geoff Leonard

    Yes, I think this was a misunderstanding by the person who provided this info. Alley Cat (NME) had commented “Why did Stewart Morris play mediocre B-side of Jack Scott disc on ‘Juke Box Jury’?”, and this was assumed to be the b-side of WITW. However, as you say, Baby Baby was a new release at that time, so presumably the record played was its flipside, “Old Time Religion”.

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