Saturday 16 April 1960, 6-6.30pm

Chairman: David Jacobs

Panel: Sheila Gallagher, Gary Miller, Eric Robinson, Anne Rogers

Records played:
Standing On The Corner – Four Lads (Philips)
Cradle Of Love – Johnny Preston (Mercury)
Someday – Della Reese (RCA)
A Place In The Sun – Robert Earl (Philips)
Anyway The Wind Blows – Doris Day (Philips)
This Love I Have For You – Lance Fortune (Pye)
Ramona – Five Dallas Boys (Columbia)
The Love I Share With You – Alfred Lynch (Decca)
Don’t Fence Me In – Tommy Edwards (MGM)

Camera script: Greenfields (Beverley Sisters) listed but this record had been banned.

Anne Rogers was starring as Eliza Doolittle at Drury Lane. She was the daughter in law of Henry Hall. She had done over 720 performance in US and 280 in UK. On April 13, did her 1,000th performance. A fast car was to take her to Drury Lane after the show.


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