432 (Final programme)

Wednesday 27 December 1967, 5.20-5.50pm

Panel: “Four guest celebrities” (RT)
Pete Murray and Susan Stranks (both from first show), Eric Sykes and Lulu

Producer: David Bell

Records played:
Honey Chile – Martha Reeves and the Vandellas
Lantern Light – Peter and the Wolves
Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt – Billy Fury
I Can Take or Leave Your Loving – Herman’s Hermits
Mr Second Class – Spencer Davis Group
For Your Information – The Cedars
Don’t Change It – Ferns Brass Foundry.

The ‘Hot Seat’ guest was Spencer Davis.

David Jacobs to Tom Sloan 291267: “JBJ was a good friend and although I’m glad to be moving on, good friends are hard to come by and not unnaturally I will miss it and all it meant to me. One thing JBJ provided, apart from the entertainment, was a patch of sanity in a rather odd world of pop. Just occasionally, some very sensible things were said, but most important, it was an enormous amount of fun. I hope the viewers will miss it as much as I will.”

David Jacobs did miss JBJ but he had already started presenting Any Questions. He was with that programme 17 years. “They said they’d give me a dinner. I said that once I’d had the knife in my back, I didn’t want the fork too.”

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