Wednesday 22 November 1967, 6.30-7pm

Panel: Peter Murray, Long John Baldry, Felice Taylor, Jean Metcalfe

Producer: David Bell

Daily Mirror 231167

“The BBC are to drop JBJ at the end of next month. The show – TV’s longest-running pop programme has been screened without a break for eight years.”

It is being replaced by a new show, with Alan Freeman and produced by Terry Henebery, who made Simon Dee a household name. According to the paper, Juke Box Jury has been “under criticism for some time. Many people in the music business feel it can make or break a new record too easily.”

The successor was called All Systems Freeman. Alan Freeman would sit at a control panel, play the latest records, bring in film and live acts and interview performers. Members of the public will get the chance to give their opinions on new records. The 25 minute show will be recorded in Manchester on Wednesdays and transmitted on Friday evenings.

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