Saturday 1 October 1960

Panel: Judy Carne, Petula Clark, George Chisholm, Eric Sykes or Chris Holm

Records played:
Alive Alive Oh! – Dick Jordan (Oriole) 1.56
North To Alaska – Johnny Horton (Philips) 1.28
I Want To Be Wanted – Brenda Lee (Brunswick) 1.55
Bohemia Rag – Chris Barber’s Jazz Band (Columbia) 1.11
The Big Triangle – The Galaxies (Capitol) 1.32
Shortnin’ Bread – The Viscounts (Pye) 1.38
Restless – Johnny Kidd & the Pirates (HMV) 1.00
Seven Women – Frankie Laine (Philips) 1.30
Teardrops Are Falling – Al Kasha (Coral) 1.05

Taken from camera script. All may not have been played.

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