Saturday 7 May 1960, 6-6.30pm

(Recorded 30.04.60)

Chairman: David Jacobs

Panel: Doug Levy, Nancy Pederson, Karen Post, Ed Robertson

Records played:
Et Voila – Frankie Laine (Philips)
Now Now Now – Jerry Keller (London)
All I Need – Edna Savage (Parlophone) Side set
Tamiami – Bill Haley & his Comets (Warner)
That’s You – Nat King Cole (Capitol)
My Gal Sal – The Freemen (Parlophone) Side set
I Love The Way You Love – Marv Johnson (London)
The Madison Time – Ted Heath & his Music (Decca)
Got A Girl – Four Preps (Capitol)

The panel comprised of teenagers from the American School of Independence, Bushey Park, US base in Middlesex. Headmaster gave Russell Turner and Johnnie Stewart 20 possibles and they chose four. All aged 17 to 19.

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