Saturday 21 November 1959, 6.50-7.15pm

Chairman: David Jacobs

Panel: Alan Freeman, Joan Heal, Venetia Stevenson, Milton Subotsky

Records played:
Dear Daddy – Petula Clark (Pye)
While Paris Sleeps – Tony Osborne (HMV)
San Miguel – Lonnie Donegan (Pye)
The Village Of St Bernadette – Anne Shelton (Philips)
Ivy Will Cling – Arnold Stang (Fontana)
If I Had A Girl – Jerry Keller (London)
If You Were The Only Girl In The World – Steve Marsh (Decca)
Who Made The Morning – Max Bygraves (Decca)
True Love, True Love – Mudlarks (Columbia)

Only 18 seconds of Dear Daddy played, but 1 minute 43 seconds of Arnold Stang.

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