Saturday 14 March 1964, 5.40-6.05

Panel: Maureen Cleave, Millicent Martin, Matt Monro, Bobby Vee

Producer: Neville Wortman

Records played:
Once In A While – Brooks Brothers (Pye) HIT
Who’s Been Sleepin’ In My Bed – Carol Deene (HMV) MISS
I Believe – Bachelors (Decca) MISS
Lonely Avenue – Crickets (Liberty) HIT
The Spartans – Sounds Inc (Columbia) MISS
Can’t Buy Me Love – Beatles (Parlophone) HIT
Tower Tall – Don Charles (HMV) MISS
Shake Shout And Go – Brian Diamond & the Cutters (Fontana) MISS
Shimmy Shimmy – Orlons (Cameo Parkway) HIT

The Walker Brothers’ first single Pretty Girls Everywhere was a voted a Hit and they were the surprise guests. As Scott and John were so tall, the viewers only saw them from the neck down until the cameras got their faces into the shot. They then sang it on Ready, Steady, Go!

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