Saturday 28 December 1963

Panel: Polly Elwes, Matt Monro, Jimmy Savile, Adrienne Posta

Producer: Neville Wortman (5-4)

Records played:
My Baby Left Me – Dave Berry (Decca) HIT
Dumb Head – Sharades (Decca) MISS
Don’t Blame Me – Frank Ifield (Columbia) MISS
I Just Don’t Understand – Cresters (HMV) HIT
As Usual – Brenda Lee (Brunswick) HIT
Song Of Mexico – Tony Meehan (Decca) MISS
I’m Talkin’ About You – Jackie Lynton (Piccadilly) HIT
My Special Dream – Shirley Bassey (Columbia) HIT
Diana – Bachelors (Decca) MISS

Dumb Head also recorded by Ginny Arnell. Judging by ad in RR, KPM had faith in this song. It was produced by Joe Meek and the Sharades were the Ladybirds.

Matt’s wife Mickie had given him a special present for Christmas – Craig Douglas’ version of From Russia With Love.

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