Saturday 5 October 1963, 6.05-6.35pm

Panel: Bunny Lewis, Julia Lockwood, Helen Shapiro, Wolf Mankowitz
Before the programme, the panel were told to put more comment, bite and criticism into their remarks.
The Girl Sang The Blues – Everly Brothers (Warner) HIT
When Lewis spoke of the familiar thump thump thump of a record by the Everly Brothers, Mankowitz said, ‘I don’t know why Bunny Lewis should imply that this thump is inferior to his own thump that gets him a fantastic living as a lyric writer and composer.

Producer: Richard Evans

Records played:
Ain’t Gonna Kiss You – Jean Martin (Decca) HIT
Sally Go ’Round The Roses – Jaynetts (Stateside) MISS
Hey Little Girl – Ray Sharpe (United Artists) MISS
From Russia With Love – Matt Monro (Parlophone) MISS
Baby It’s Me – Petula Clark (Pye) MISS
Lewis: “Her singing is not virile enough.”
Mankowitz: “She is a girl and not expected to be virile.”
Jacobs: “Can’t you have virile girls?”
Lewis: “Not in Wolf’s household”
You’ll Never Walk Alone – Gerry & the Pacemakers (Columbia) HIT
Mankowitz: “A turgid voice which failed to move me to anything but extreme nausea.”
Lewis: “I’m tired of hearing the song sung by some tired old baritone such as you can hear in Wolf’s shows.”
Washington Square – Kenny Ball & his Jazzmen (Pye) HIT
Be My Baby – Ronettes (London) HIT

Daily Mirror 071063
The BBC’s new get-with-it policy set its phones ringing with complaints from angry viewers on Saturday night. For the show developed into a slanging match between two panellists, composer Bunny Lewis and show-writer Wolk Mankowitz. Lewis and Mankowitz were acid in their opinions about the discs – and each other.

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