Saturday 6 July 1963, 7-7.25pm

Panel: Ian Carmichael, Alma Cogan, Steve Race, June Ritchie

Producer: Neville Wortman

Records played:
Patty Baby – Freddy Cannon (Stateside) MISS
Not Responsible – Helen Shapiro (Columbia) HIT
True Love – Richard Chamberlain (MGM) HIT
One Fine Day – Chiffons (Stateside) MISS
I Wonder – Brenda Lee (Brunswick) HIT
Ugly Bug Ball – Alex Welsh (Columbia) MISS
Mary Rose – Ronnie Carroll (Philips) HIT

The Times, 060763
I am a devotee of JBJ principally because the camera has such a quick eye for the mannerisms and reactions of the bewitched onlookers. There is an old English word for this condition, more expressive than ‘bewitched’. It is betwattled.

On Juke Box Jury, Steve Race brilliantly summed up Brenda Lee last Saturday.
NME 12 July 1963

On Lucky Stars, Brian Matthew didn’t have DJ’s assurance; guest disc-jockey Sam Costa most unfunny.
NME 12 July 1963

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