Saturday 16 February 1963

Panel: Pete Murray, Robin Richmond, Annie Ross, Nancy Spain

Records played:
Alice In Wonderland – Neil Sedaka (RCA) HIT
Johnny Day – Rolf Harris (Columbia) HIT
I Wanna Be Around – Tony Bennett (CBS) MISS
Popsy Wopsy – Clinton Ford (Oriole) MISS
Big Wide World – Teddy Randazzo (Pye) MISS
Return Of The Outlaws – Outlaws (HMV) MISS
Meditation – Pat Boone (London) MISS
Brotherhood Of Man – Jaye P Morgan (MGM) MISS
My Kind Of Girl – Frank Sinatra (Reprise) HIT

The Times 160263
Feature, Functions Of The Captive Audience
The intrusive nature of the studio audience is mitigated by television, and there are programmes, indeed, of which it could be said that audience participation is a paramount element. It can be said, for instance, of Juke Box Jury, an old favourite distinguished by some brilliant camera work. As the record is played the camera picks out the unformed face of a teenager mesmerised by the beat, the pointed shoe tapping out the rhythm, the hand of a lover seeking that of his mate. Without the unconscious cooperation of its fans, Juke Box Jury would lose three-quarters of its fascination.

23.2.63 – No Juke Box Jury. Instead, A Song For Europe introduced by David Jacobs

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