Saturday 13 October 1962

Panel: Angela Huth, Don Moss, Sid James, Ketty Lester
Angela Huth was a critic

Producer: Neville Wortman

Lovesick Blues – Frank Ifield (Columbia) HIT
Sweet Enough – Louise Cordet (Decca) MISS
Nothing Can Change This Love – Sam Cooke (RCA) HIT
Must Be Madison – Joe Loss (HMV) MISS
Gina – Johnny Mathis (CBS) HIT
Because Of Love – Billy Fury (Decca) MISS
Goodbye Joe – Alma Cogan (Columbia) MISS
No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile – Everly Brothers (Warner) HIT
Little Black Book – Jimmy Dean (CBS) HIT
Lonely Johnny – John Leyton (HMV) MISS

Cracked Eric Sykes on Juke Box Jury, “I saw Helen Shapiro on the Adam Faith TV show – with the sound turned off.”
Alley Cat, 12 October 1962

PFTP 181062
Eager though I am to watch JBJ, it would make a change to have an all-teenage panel once in a while, not necessarily consisting of stars.
Many female panel members seem to be in a perpetual daze, unable to make any pertinent comment. Why not come down to earth?
It must be remembered that it is teenage opinion which makes or breaks these songs.
Peter Bundock, Boothville, Northampton

New Billy Fury, Louise Cordet and John Leyton releases voted misses on Juke Box Jury.
Alley Cat, 19 October 1962

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