Saturday 17 March 1962

Panel: Carole Gray, Millicent Martin, Edward J Mason, Ray Orchard

Producer: Harry Carlisle

Records played:
Come Down The Mountain Katy Daley – Rose Brennan (Philips) MISS
It’s A Young World – Rick Nelson (London) HIT
Evil Eye – Al Saxon (Piccadilly) HIT (Saxon guest)
Afrikaan Beat – Cyril Stapleton (Decca) HIT
Speak To Me Pretty – Brenda Lee (Brunswick) MISS
She’s Everything (I Wanted You To Be) – Ral Donner (Parlophone) MISS
It’s All Over Now – Shane Fenton & the Fentones (Parlophone) HIT
B’wna Nina – Tokens (RCA) MISS
Her Royal Majesty – Jimmy Darren (Pye) HIT

Millicent Martin by arrangement with Associated British Picture Corporation

Ted Mason was the lead writer for The Archers.
Had teenage daughters which kept him from “being a square”

First appearance for Carole Gray. Judging by a press comment, she was knowledgeable about sheet music.

Al Saxon in the hot seat: “This is the fourth time one of my discs has been played on JBJ. Two of the others got the thumbs down but the other was voted a hit. As things turned out, the Hit did very well indeed, so I place a lot of importance on the jury’s verdict. I think most artists do.”

Ray Orchard: The big attraction for the record companies is that during the programme the viewer is really concentrating on each number and deciding, maybe subconsciously, whether or not to buy the disc.

Programme has 14m viewers and if 1 in 1,000 decides to buy a Miss, that is still 14,000 sales.

Only Harry Carlisle and DJ heard the records first. The panel heard them for the first time on air.
Vincent Donnelly feature, Evening Times 210362

The film producer Donovan Winter saw JBJ on 17 March and he was impressed by a girl left of the screen on the second panel. “When I saw this girl, I realised that she had everything I wanted for the lead part in my new picture.” She had a mixture of innocence and .tremendous attraction. It was to be an X cert film about a young provincial girl falling into the hands of a London gang. The show had been recorded but no record had been kept of the names.
Evening News, 300462

David Jacobs also doing Startime, David Jacobs Plays The Pops and The Chocolate Time Show, all on Radio Luxembourg.

DJ says he hears all the new records each week. “Not all of the records, mark you, but a part of each one. After about 10 seconds, I know whether I want to play it or not. If I’m not impressed after a quick hearing, then the average listener won’t be.”
Bunny Lewis, DJ’s agent often on panel. “Pure coincidence” says DJ who doesn’t select the panel.
DJ: “It is not intended to be an authoritative programme of predictions.”
170262, Melody Maker

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