Saturday 3 March 1962

Panel: Buddy Greco, June Thorburn, Bobby Vee, Shani Wallis

Producer: Harry Carlisle

Records played:
A Diabolical Twist – Max Bygraves (Decca) HIT
Lone Rider – John Leyton (HMV) MISS
When The Lights Go Out – Bobby Breen (Fontana) MISS
A Lady Loves – Eartha Kitt (MGM) MISS
One More Time – Danny Peppermint (London) MISS
The Turk – Judd Proctor (Parlophone) MISS
She’s Got You – Alma Cogan (Columbia) HIT
You Never Talked About Me – Del Shannon (London) HIT
Hey! Baby – Bruce Channel (Mercury) HIT

Spin-A-Disc: You Never Talked About Me – Del Shannon (London), She’s Got You (Cline), Lucky Star (Vincent)

Bobby Vee: “I only did Juke Box Jury two or three times. It was an upbeat show and people were generally positive about the records. We never heard the records first and I enjoyed it. I was 20 and I felt I knew everything so it was no trouble.”

Peter Prichard for The Grade Organisation 010362
Saturday matinee for Scapa are at 5.30 but “the management have said that they would release Pete from a matinee if he could do JBJ wearing the naval uniform he appears in Scapa.”
File note: “I think the idea of Pete in his uniform (though a good idea) is going just a little too far. As you know the present arrangement is that David gives the credit plug himself during the introduction of the panellists and this is obviously a much stronger plug than the normal voice ‘off’ at the end of a programme but further than that I don’t think we could go.”

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