Saturday 17 February 1962

Panel: Petula Clark, George Elrick, Jean Metcalfe, Jimmy Young

Producer: Harry Carlisle

PFTP 120462
During the JBJ of 17 February, a record of Shenandoah was played, the tune of which was ‘arranged’. Do you think that a code of honour could be arranged amongst arrangers at least to leave sea shanties alone in this respect?
R D Smith, Master Mariner, Hindhead

PFTP 030562
May I say a few words in support of Capt R D Smith. Once a sea shanty is arranged, it ceases to be a shanty as, unless it is rendered in exactly the same metre, it cannot fulfil is only function, which is to coordinate the efforts of the sailors in their various tasks about the ship.
F McLachlan, Wallasey

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