Saturday 9 January 1960, 6-6.30pm (Recorded 2.1.60)

Chairman: David Jacobs

Panel: Lionel Bart, Shirley Anne Field, Gilbert Harding, Anita Prynne

Records played:
All in Good Time – Nelson Trio (London)
A Girl Like You – Randy Sparks (HMV)
What More Do You Want – Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
Little Angel – Eddie Cochran (London) voted a hit
Song Of The Dreamer – David Whitfield (Decca)
We Told You Not To Marry – Titus Turner (London)
Think Love – Kathy Linden (Felsted)
Summer Set – Acker Bilk (Columbia)
The Years Between – Maureen Evans (HMV)

Eddie Cochran’s ‘Little Angel’ voted a hit on ‘Juke Box Jury’. Why were they playing the B-side? David Jacobs was so astonished that Gilbert Harding liked it that he gave him the record.

Lionel Bart was a song-writer who had just achieved massive success with Tommy Steele, and shows such as Fings Ain’t What They Used T’Be and Oliver; Shirley Anne Field was an actress; Anita Prynne an actress and TV interviewer.

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