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    Saturday 13 January 1962

    Panel: Shirley Bassey, Susan Castle, Kenneth Hume, Moss Parker

    Producer: Harry Carlisle

    Records played:
    Norman – Carol Deene (HMV) MISS

    Susan Castle was a model.

    Moss Parker had written There’ll Always Be An England

    Daily Mirror 200262
    How pleased I was to see that Carol Deene’s Norman reached the Top 20 despite the dreadful panning it got on JBJ recently. Songwriter Moss Parker, the jury member who put a clothes peg on his nose to express his opinion of the record, and the other members who all made detrimental remarks about Norman made one of the biggest gaffes in the history of the programme.
    Incidentally, how many Misses registered by JBJ have turned out to be Hits?
    Mrs WB, Sheffield

    David Jacobs in NME Annual 1963: “Regrettably, Carole was backstage in the hot seat and so you can imagine how embarrassed we all were. To be candid, I think those three members – Shirley Bassey, her husband Kenneth Hume and Moss Parker – went beyond the proper bounds of criticism and were just plain rude. What made matters worse was that a former jury had voted Carol’s previous record a Miss, again when she was in the hot seat.”

    After roasting by panel, DJ said “Well, I liked it anyway!” and Carol Deene gave him a kiss.

    “I felt terrible. I just watched the audience’s reaction from behind the screen. They were laughing at the slating.”
    “I’d love to appear on JBJ but I’d never be unfair to another artist on a record.”
    Carole Deene

    82 complaints to the BBC, then 200 letters to DJ.
    Record sold 10,000 the week after JBJ.
    RM, 270162

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    Saturday 26 May 1962

    Panel: Rupert Davies, Vera Day, Eartha Kitt, Jimmy Young

    Producer: Johnnie Stewart

    Records played:
    I Shoulda Listened To Mama – Jimmy Crawford (Columbia) MISS
    When Love Comes Around – Matt Monro (Parlophone) HIT
    Johnny Get Angry – Carol Deene (HMV) MISS
    I’ll Be Seeing You – Frank Sinatra (Reprise) MISS
    Just A Little Love – Karl Denver Trio (Decca) MISS
    Stranger On The Shore – Drifters (London) MISS
    Stranger On The Shore – Andy Williams (CBS) MISS
    Sharing You – Bobby Vee (Liberty) MISS
    Once In A Lifetime – Sammy Davis Jr (Reprise) HIT